Reasons to Travel only with a Carry-On

There are two types of travelers on an airplane: those who only pack in a carry-on and those who check a bag. There is no “right way” to travel, but with how busy and understaffed airports and airlines are today, you might think otherwise this holiday season.

The main reasons people travel with only a carry-on are because it saves them time and money at the airport, but there are a few other pros that come with it.

1. You always know where your luggage is located

    • When you check your bag at the check-in desk, you no longer have control on where your luggage goes or where it will end up. You pray every time that it will make it to your destination, but you can never be 100% sure. When you bring everything in a carry-on, you have the bag on you at all times.

2. No Waiting at Baggage Claim

    • Since you have your luggage on you already, the minute you land and get off the plane, you are ready to head to your vacation spot without having to wait for your bag with the rest of the passengers.

3. No Checked Baggage Fees

    • Taking a carry-on avoids the $25 – $100 fees that come with checking a bag. More money to spend on your vacation!

4. It is Harder to Overpack

    • If you aren’t guilty of overpacking, I’m jealous of you! When you pack a carry-on you have limited space so you most likely plan your packing more strategically and end up bringing exactly what you need. When you check a bag, you have more space and end up bringing things that you might not use or wear.

Although, there are still some cons that come with traveling only with a carry-on like having to bring small liquids and potentially still having to check your bag at the gate. However, in this situation, and especially with the busy travel season of the holidays approaching, to me, the pros outweigh the cons.

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