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Visiting Washington, DC this wedding season?

When thinking of Washington D.C, two things come to mind: politics and 8th-grade field trips. Although it is our nation’s capital, there is thankfully way more to do in Washington, D.C than activities regarding the government or politics.

So if you are visiting DC this wedding season or even just for a getaway, there are plenty of things to see and do! Here are some of our top recommendations to help make planning that much easier.

Places to Eat:

1. Philotimo – Greek fine dining served in a chic dining room setting that feels like you have been transported to Milos.

2. Tonari – Italian-Japanese restaurant serving pastas and pizzas. Grab a seat at the chef’s table overlooking the pizza prep station.

3. Ruthie’s All Day – Come here for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Mr. W’s biscuit is one of the best choices for breakfast or get a messy burger for either lunch or dinner!

4. Honeymoon Chicken – Grab the honey garlic chicken banh mi or the crispy mushroom sandwich that’s veggie friendly when stopping here!

5. Cracked Eggery – Amazing egg sandwiches known for curing hangovers like “The Mayor” or the “Abe Foreman”. Opens early and stays open later!

There is obviously way more to see and thousands of amazing places to eat, but hopefully this helps add some ideas to your trip to-do list!

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