Why You Should Plan Your Wine Tours with Zbest Worldwide.

As one of the most trusted transportation companies in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area; we have led many wine tours all over the area. We’ve provided a list of some of our client’s favorite wineries.

Baltimore and Washington DC Wineries

Basignani WinerySparks, MD | @basignaniwinery

Basignani Winery was started in 1986 from the traditional practice of home winemaking from Italy. Now the company produces over 6500 gallons of wine yearly, with accolades and awards.

Great Frogs Winery – Annapolis, MD | @greatfrogswinery

Great Frogs Winery is located on a historic farm in Annapolis, MD, established in 1681. At Great Frogs they take pride in all aspects of production: from tending to their vines, hand sorting grapes to be harvested, to gently processing the grapes for artisan boutique wines.

Harford Vineyard – Forest Hill, MD | @harfordvineyard

Situated in the Piedmont wine trail region of Harford County Maryland, Harford Vineyard is a hidden treasure. They specialize in finely-crafted wines with 13 wine options to fit the palate of even the pickiest wine connoisseur.

Mark Cascia Vineyards – Stevensville, MD | @markcasciavineyards

Cascia Vineyards is a family-operated, 15-acre vineyard with a gorgeous waterfront view. They can be accessed by boat or car, and are only a few minutes away from Annapolis, Maryland.

Robin Hill Farm & Vineyards – Brandywine, MD | @RobinHillFarmandVineyards

Family owned and operated, Robin Hill Farm and Vineyard is home to many who enjoy visiting the farm or hosting events in their barn.

Rocklands Farm Winery – Poolesville, MD | @rocklandsfarm

Located in Montgomery County Maryland, Rocklands Farm Winery is surrounded by acres of land that houses their vineyard, pasture, and flower garden.

St. Michaels Winery – St. Michaels, MD | @stmichaelswinery

St. Michaels Winery is one of Eastern Shore’s popular attractions for wine. They have over 20 wines to taste while enjoying the view of the historic St. Michaels town.

The Vineyards at Dodon – Davidsonville, MD | @dodonvineyards

This vineyard sits on property that has been passed down through eight generations of custodians. The Vineyards at Dodon produces wines from the grapes they grow on their property.

We provide absolute excellence in care, reliability, service and quality and we are dedicated to providing the most professional transportation services. We offer more than transportation; we offer an experience!

Our seasoned Wine Tour Experts are here to help you plan each stop on your tour, so you can get the most fun, and wine, out of your day.

Our Wine Tour Experts will help you:

  1. Choose the wineries to visit
  2. Determine the right vehicle for your group
  3. Plan any special stops
  4. Calculate the right amount of time, so everyone can relax and enjoy

Our luxurious fleet of vehicles can accommodate any size group from 2 to 2,000. Contact us today for any additional suggestions or to make an online reservation.

Did you know? Maryland is well known for its delicious seafood, but many aren’t aware of the amazing wineries that exist within this State. From small urban wineries in the heart of Annapolis, to the traditional wineries with vineyards that stretch for acres in Havre De Grace, there are numerous wineries that you should put on your must-see list.

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