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Where is Your Business Taking You in 2019? Business Travel Tips

Where is Your Business Taking You in 2019? Business Travel Tips

Business travel can be incredibly stressful. Long hours, trying to get through the security line at the airport, and navigating an unfamiliar city can leave anyone feeling grumpy, tired, and just generally not at their best. We've collected a few tips for business travelers to make your 2019 travel noticeably better.

Bring Only Carry-on Luggage

Business travelers who frequently fly generally go to great lengths to avoid checking luggage. Packing everything in a carry-on both saves money and allows you to bypass the baggage claim - no wasting time and getting increasingly annoyed while waiting for your bags to arrive. You'll also save yourself a tremendous amount of trouble by avoiding any possibility of the airline losing your bags and leaving you without the clothes you need when you arrive.

Familiarize yourself with TSA's security requirements; it can take a bit of creativity to pack all of your toiletries while remaining under their limits for the amount of liquids you can bring on a plane. More and more companies are offering TSA-compliant travel sizes and containers, however. Investing in a few travel-sized items will save you a far greater amount of time and money down the road.

Keep Your Bags Packed

Stocking up on travel-sized items is just one step you can take to save time and pack light. If you travel frequently, don't bother constantly packing and unpacking. Keep your bags (mostly) packed, aside from unique items and specific clothing that you need for each individual trip. In addition to travel-sized liquids, buy an extra hairbrush, razor, and facial wipes, and leave them in your bag at all times. Similarly, having an extra phone charger and cord already packed both saves time and ensures you won't forget these important items.

Hire a Professional Limo Service like ZBest Worldwide

The traffic in the Baltimore-Washington area is notoriously awful, with Washington D.C. consistently making it on to lists of U.S. cities with the worst traffic in the nation. Similarly, Metro has been plagued by service issues and seems to be increasingly unreliable. Hire a professional limo service like ZBest Worldwide to avoid delays and ensure you'll make your flight on time. Our highly competent, experienced chauffeurs will ensure that you have a luxurious, stress-free experience.

Count on our Washington DC limo service and your dedicated chauffeur will pick you up at your home or office and ensure that you make it to Reagan National, Dulles, or BWI relaxed, confident and on-time. You won't waste time stuck in traffic or trying to get work done while struggling with unreliable cell service and patchy WiFi on the Metro. You'll avoid the hassle of parking and save valuable time. Similarly, you can avoid the hassle and delay of dealing with the rental car counter or trying to find a taxi when you arrive at the airport after your flight. Our Baltimore limo service can pick you up at BWI, for example, and have you safely delivered to the Inner Harbor or dinner at Woodberry Kitchen in no time, while you relax or catch up on text, email and phone calls on the way.

Posted on Jan 29 2019

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