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Travel Planning: 10 New Year Resolutions for Travelers

Travel Planning: 10 New Year Resolutions for Travelers

If you're one of the millions of Americans who spend a lot of time on the road, you'll want to think about the best ways to make traveling even easier in the coming year. Here are a few New Year's resolutions for all those who spend time away from home.




Giving back to the community is a worthy endeavor. Take some time this year to be part of something larger. Assisting zoologists or digging with archaeologists is not only a good way to be involved. It's also a lot of fun.

2. Learn a New Skill

Spending lots of time waiting for a plane or at the train station doesn't have to be wasted time. Bring along an app to master a new language, learn a musical instrument or take a course from an open university.

3. Organize a Family Reunion

Resolve to keep up essential family ties both online and offline. Organizing a family reunion is a great way to encourage travel, meet familiar relatives and explore a new place at the same time.

4. Try a Different Cuisine

Many travelers tend to stick to familiar foods when they venture abroad. Make the new year the time to overcome such barriers and try something entirely different. Sample the local soups from a regional food truck. Head for a locally famous restaurant and order the daily special.

5. Create the Bucket List

The New Year makes the ideal time to write up a detailed bucket list. Think about the adventures that most appeal to the traveler. Write them down and begin planning to make them come true.

6. Go on Your Own

Solo travel is a chance to let and experience travel unencumbered. The new year makes the ideal time to consider a trip on your own anywhere you like. Self-reliance is deeply satisfying.

7. Find a Beach

Beaches are one of the ultimate getaways. Resolve to find a beautiful beach in the coming months. A secluded day away is a great chance to let go and utterly relax.

8. Explore Animals Up Close

Animal lovers should resolve to get more in touch with the creatures of the natural world. Travel to one of the world's great zoos. Or, take a safari and see some of the globe's most magnificent creatures in person.

9. Romantic Vacations

Bring out the romance with travel to a destination where love takes center stage. A trip to a couple's only location in the Caribbean or Pacific is the ideal way to rekindle your most important relationship away from life's little and large cares.

10. See Your Local Community

If you've never explored your local location, now is the time to see it. Visit a renowned local art museum or historical home.

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Posted on Jan 03 2019

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