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Travel Books You Need to Read in 2019

Travel Books You Need to Read in 2019

Are you a traveler who likes to read? If the answer is yes, then there are some excellent, insightful, and adventurous books that can benefit you. Here are four travel books you need to read in 2019.

1. Andrew Sean Greer’s “Less”

“Less” is a 2017 novel that describes the humorous journey of Arthur Less. Arthur travels the globe on a literary tour just when he approaches fifty years. However, his novelist career, as well as his love life, are not going well. His reason for traveling is that he could not witness his ex-lover wed. His adventure will result in him almost loving someone in Paris. In Berlin, he almost dies. He even encounters a person he would never want to see in an unexpected place. The novel is an excellent satirical comedy.

2. Rusty Young’s “Marching Powder”

“Marching Powder” is a novel about friendship, South America’s strangest jail, and cocaine. It is a 2003 memoir written by Rusty Young, an Australian journalist who goes on a backpacking tour in South America. On his trip, he came to know the story of Thomas McFadden, a convicted drug trafficker from England who was in the most notorious prison in Bolivia called San Pedro prison. To learn more, Rusty goes to La Paz and joins one of the illegal tours of Thomas. After becoming friends with Thomas, Rusty remains in prison for three months.

3. Jon Krakauer’s “Into the Wild”

This 1996 non-fiction novel tells the adventures of Christopher McCandless who was born to a wealthy family. In 1992, the young man decided to hitchhike to Alaska and leave everything behind. He left his possessions, his car, and gave away the $25,000 he had saved. He even burned the cash that remained in his wallet before leaving. After arriving in Alaska, he strolled the wilderness looking for a new life. The book discusses the ideas of social acceptance and how to break free from the norms that society places on people. The novel challenges you to avoid stereotypes and attempt something new.

4. Rolf Potts’ “Vagabonding”

This novel tells the stories of Rolf Potts who lived on the road for ten years. He even strolled the whole way to Israel. In this novel, he offers lessons, tricks, tips, and insights he learned during the ten-year journey. Hence, if you are looking to be a traveler in the long-term, this is the book for you. The author shares everything from critical lessons he learned to funny tales. He also writes inspirational quotes as well as practical information that you, as a traveler, can benefit from.


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Posted on Feb 19 2019

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