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Trade Show Season: 3 Tips for Survival

How to Survive the Fall Trade Show Season

The time is upon us! Autumn has become known for the trade shows that pop up throughout the season. Once summer comes to a close, it’s time to start getting down to business again. Now, if you only have to attend one or two shows throughout the fall months, you may think that they’re all fun and games. However, if your position within your company requires you to travel to several of these each month, you’re going to have to figure out how to survive.

There are so many different ways you can prepare ahead of time that will ensure you make it through each trade show with minimal stress. You can also use these tips to make sure you get the most out of these shows for you, your company, and your bottom line!

Proper Attire

When you’re preparing and packing for your flight out to the next trade show on the agenda, you should take extra care in what you’re going to be wearing. Not throughout the trade show. No, when you pack something to be worn during the week, you can always get it ironed or steam cleaned while you’re in town. Rather, what we mean is what you’re going to be wearing on the flight if you’re expected to head straight from the airport to the trade show floor or dinner with colleagues.

Think about what you wear during the week to work. Some fabrics on your suits or dresses may tend to wrinkle after a long day while others tend to look just as good at 5pm as they did at 9am. Those sturdier fabrics are going to be the ones you choose to wear for your flight. You won’t have to worry about arriving wrinkled and you’ll look professional enough to head straight into work mode.

Stay Healthy

You can’t expect to get through the entire trade show season if you fall ill every time you travel away from home. There are ways you can protect your health on the road that will keep you from missing out on future trade shows. One of these ways is to try and avoid the buffet the venue puts out. While the idea of being able to dash in and grab something might be appealing, the possibility of food poisoning should definitely outweigh that. When those foods have been sitting out as long as they have and with the amount of people passing by that attend these shows, the possibility of bacteria is increased exponentially.

Staying hydrated is another important aspect of staying healthy while on the road. Flying can dry you out with the change in atmosphere and dry cabin environment before you even land. Most of these trade shows will keep bottled water on hand, but you can always keep your own bottle with you. Keep it filled at all times and sip on it throughout the day. You won’t end up getting dehydrated and by the end of the trip you won’t feel worn out or too exhausted.

Don’t Forget!

Frequent travelers tend to forget certain items when they travel so much. While they may feel as though they’re getting the hang of this whole flying thing, they get too comfortable and start forgetting things that they’ll need during the trip. For instance, during these trade shows, your most valuable weapon is going to be your business card. You are going to talk to so many different people and they, too, are going to be talking to many different faces. If you want to be remembered, they need to have something to remember you by. Otherwise, once you walk away, that contact and possible sale is gone.

Once you’ve made a connection with someone, get their business card, give them yours, and then be sure to give them a follow up phone call in a day or two. You want to keep you and your company fresh in their mind at all times! The possibility of a sale, commitment, and new working relationship is definitely worth the extra effort.

The next time you head out to a trade show this fall, make sure you implement some (or all) of these tips. Make the most of your trade show experience and you will come out of it on the other end with many potential money-making prospects.

Photo Credit: Oliver Tacke

Posted on Sep 09 2015

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