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Top Tips to Beat Wedding Day Nerves

Top Tips to Beat Wedding Day Nerves

It’s inevitable that you’ll be feeling those wedding day jitters as the big day approaches, but there are some easy ways that you can manage the nerves and get your mind focused on what really matters. Here are our top tips to help you stay cool, calm, and collected.

  • Get a timeline together – and distribute to key people

If you’re worried about a key aspect of your day being missed, make sure you put a full timeline together in advance and send it to all those who will be responsible for anything on the list or any particular portion of the day itself, whether friends, family, or vendors. That way, you can leave it to others to take care of the last-minute organization, leaving you to settle your nerves and simply focus on enjoying your day.

  • Put yourself in a positive mind set

If you are convinced that some detail of the big day is going to go wrong, or you’re constantly worried that people won’t enjoy what you have planned then you’ll find it extremely difficult to control your nerves. Instead, think positive! When you catch yourself panicking, re-phrase your thoughts and turn the potential negative into a positive – for example, rather than thinking ‘What if it rains when I get to the church?’, tell yourself there’s no use in worrying over what you can’t control, and your day is bound to be unforgettable either way!

  • Learn to let it go

When it comes to wedding planning it can be all too easy to start worrying about every minute detail and how things will pan out on the day, but you need to accept the fact that although things may go differently to how you’d planned them, that doesn’t necessarily spell disaster. You can’t control every aspect of your day – the key thing is to know that you’ve done all the organization that you possibly could, and if one or two things don’t go quite the way you had hoped then rest assured that you’ll probably be the only one that notices!

  • Hire a reliable transportation provider

Help your day run smoothly and be sure that you, your wedding party, and your guests get where you’re going in the upmost luxury and comfort with our professional, dependable Baltimore limo service. Our specially-trained chauffeurs will roll out the red carpet and make sure you’re treated like royalty on your big day. You can say goodbye to your nerves and rely on our service to get your whole wedding party wherever you need to be right on time and with zero hassle.

  • Remember what it’s really all about

If you start to feel wedding nerves get the better of you, just remind yourself of what you’re doing it all for. You are celebrating your love for one another with your closest friends and family who care about you and only want to see you happy. No need for nerves!


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Posted on Mar 20 2018

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