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Three Kid-Friendly Activities in Baltimore

Three Kid-Friendly Activities in Baltimore

This blog was originally published in 2014; we have since updated it to reflect the most current and accurate information possible. 

Whether you live in or around the city of Baltimore (or you happen to be visiting) there are a variety of destinations perfect for entertainment.

When you live in a city the size of Baltimore, you sometimes take for granted the amazing things that it has to offer.

What's more, Baltimore has a plethora of kid-friendly attractions that are entertaining, educational and won’t break the bank.

Spending time together as a family and creating memories that will stay with your children through the years is something that all parents seek.

Check out our favorite kid-friendly activities in Baltimore to keep your family time rolling:

Free Activities in Baltimore

As parents, we all know the cost of raising our children can be astonishing. However, we do not want our kids to miss out on any of the amazing things the city of Baltimore has to offer.

Finding some of the city’s free kid-friendly activities and attractions can be the perfect way to make memories with your family, expand your children’s minds, and still afford to put them through college.

Arts and Education

The Baltimore Museum of Art is the perfect place to introduce new culture into your children’s lives.

The Cone Collection is considered the museum’s crown jewels. Baltimore sisters Claribel and Etta Cone visited the Paris studios of Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso and began assembling one of the world’s most important art collections.

They acquired an exceptional collection of approximately 3,000 objects, which were displayed in their Baltimore apartments. Competition among museums for The Cone Collection began as early as 1940, but Claribel insisted that it go to The Baltimore Museum of Art if “the spirit of appreciation for modern art in Baltimore became improved.”

The museum also has the Sculpture Garden,  which features two terraced gardens, fountains and 34 sculptures. The museum also hosts hands-on workshops and interactive gallery tours throughout the week.

Another amazing museum for your family to visit is The Walters Art Museum.

This museum proudly displays over 25,000 pieces of art. Exhibits include the armor of medieval knights, statues, paintings, Fabergé eggs, and other objects as well as family-friendly drop-in art classes.

Making Memories While Having Fun

Planning a day trip through the sights of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor can be a great way to make lasting memories.

A family-friendly car service can take your trip from memorable to incredible with a simple phone call.

Baltimore limousine companies are familiar with the routes that offer the most sights in the shortest distance. Your knowledgeable driver may also have less-known attractions that can give you an experience no other tourist has.

The Walter Sondheim Fountain is a fountain you can actually play in.

Your kids will be able to beat the heat as they stand on the fountain's large, flat surface to catch the spray from its 53 interactive water jets.

While the kids are playing, you can sit back and enjoy people watching and take in breathtaking views of the Inner Harbor.

While you are at the harbor, there are a variety of visiting ship tours you can take part in. As host to about 24 ships annually, the harbor provides a port for tall ships (large, traditionally-rigged ships) and naval vessels from all over the world. While at the Harbor, you must pay a visit to Baltimore’s very own Pride of Baltimore II.

Visiting the city of Baltimore can be an exciting and memorable experience for you and your children.

The hassle of unfamiliar roads can be averted with a family-friendly car service. Hire a top notch Baltimore limousine driver to make your trip the trip of a lifetime.

Image by Cessator2 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0) or GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)], via Wikimedia Commons

Posted on Jul 27 2016

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