Prom Safety: 4 Things to Prepare for the Big Night

Prom Safety: 4 Things to Prepare for the Big Night

 Prom night is almost here, and as such, you'll want to do everything possible to help your son or daughter prep for the big celebration.

For parents, your teen's safety remains paramount, especially on prom night. Fortunately, there are many simple, effective ways to protect your child against numerous dangers and ensure that he or she enjoys a safe, fun-filled prom celebration.

Here are four things that parents need to know before prom to ensure that their children can celebrate the big night safely:

Talk to your son or daughter about the big night.

Be honest with your son or daughter about your prom night concerns before the big night. By doing so, you and your teen can work together to plan for a safe, fun-filled evening.

Speak with your child about the pressures he or she might face on prom night, along with how to handle these concerns. Also, it is important to make sure that all of your teen's prom queries are addressed in advance, as this enables him or her to better understand what to expect on prom night.

Ask your teen about post prom plans

Prom night rarely ends after the big dance. Instead, many teens will attend post-prom parties, and parents should ensure they know exactly where their kids are heading after the dance.

Any post-prom party should include adult supervision, and it is essential to get the party address and contact information for the event's chaperones. That way, you'll know where your child is going after the prom and who to contact if you are unable to reach them

Establish a curfew. 

"Curfew" is a term few teens ever want to hear. However, parents who establish a reasonable curfew can provide their teens with plenty of time to enjoy themselves and ensure they party responsibly.

A curfew represents an agreement between you and your teen. On prom night, you may want to consider extending the limit by a few hours. This enables you to show your teen that you understand the importance of the big night and are willing to be flexible with your rules.

Provide safe, reliable ground transportation 

There is a number of issues surrounding teens driving on prom night. On top of the obvious safety risks, many teens want the glitz and glamour of a chauffeured vehicle. They also want to be able to enjoy the company of their friends without navigating and hunting for parking.

With a ground transportation provider at your disposal, your teen can travel like a rock star to his or her prom.

Do research on legitimate car services that offer prom transportation. Look into the company's Google and Yelp reviews, check up on their insurance and make sure they have a strenuous hiring process for their chauffeurs.

Choose ZBest Worldwide for your child's prom

Prom night comes only once a year, so why not make your child's prom celebration an unforgettable experience? Now, you can do so with extraordinary ground transportation services from ZBest Worldwide.

At ZBest, every customer is a priority. Our prom night services remain top choices for teens around the Baltimore area.

ZBest boasts two decades of experience providing these services for teens in and around the Baltimore area, so we know what it takes to manage the demands of such an important night.

For prom night, ZBest offers a large fleet of vehicles that includes:

+ Luxury sedans – Designed for comfort and privacy, ZBest's luxury sedans offer superb choices for prom night.

+ SUVs – For those who prefer the style and elegance of an SUV, our selection of top-of-the-line SUVs ensures you can travel in comfort and luxury at all times.

+ Stretch limousines – The ultimate vehicles for sophisticated ground transportation, our limos provide wonderful options for up to 14 passengers.

+ Stretch SUVs – Looking for exemplary ground transportation for up to 18 passengers? Check out our stretch SUVs, which make it easy for large groups of teens to travel to the prom in style and safety.

+ Sprinters – Our sprinters offer forward-facing and limo-style seating that guarantees amazing comfort, allowing a large group of teens to relax and enjoy a memorable ride to the prom together.

And let's not forget about the dependability of ZBest's chauffeurs, either. We carefully screen, interview and select our chauffeurs, based on background checks, drug tests, driver history reports and customer service experience. We expect nothing less than the best, in safety and in experience, for each of our customers.

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Photo Credit: Nic McPhee

Posted on Mar 28 2016

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