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Prom Safety Tips for Concerned Parents

Prom Safety Tips for Concerned Parents

Your teen's prom is rapidly approaching, but there is still plenty of time to prepare.

Prom night represents a milestone in a teen's life, and as such, should not be taken lightly. And when it comes to preparing for the big event, there are many ways that concerned parents can help their kids enjoy safe, fun-filled experiences.

Here's a closer look at four prom safety tips that any concerned parent needs to know about:

Know where your teen is going. 

Do you know where your teen's prom is taking place, or where he or she will be headed after the prom ends?

Discuss your teen's prom night plans before the big event. By doing so, you'll better understand where your teen is going and when you can expect him or her to return home.

Also, you should find out who is chaperoning the night's festivities and retrieve this individual's contact information in advance. That way, if you have any questions or concerns on prom night, you'll be able to reach out to this chaperone for support.

Discuss prom night dangers with your teen.

Prom night is a one-of-a-kind experience that frequently brings new challenges for teens and their parents.

For instance, how will your teen respond if he or she attends a party where alcohol is being served? Peer pressure sometimes may cloud a teen's decision-making skills, but an informed child will be better equipped to make the right choices consistently.

Educate your teen about the dangers associated with alcohol, drugs and other prom night issues that he may encounter. Be prepared to respond to your child’s prom night queries, too. And if you are uncertain about how to answer your child's questions, you can ask for help from another parent or a guidance counselor.

Be available for your child at all times.

A dedicated parent always is available to assist his child in an emergency. Prom night, meanwhile, offers no exception, and you should make it a priority to remain available for your child throughout the evening.

If an emergency arises, you should be readily available to respond to your child's questions and help her in any way possible.

Remember, just because prom night is a celebration for your teen does not mean you should take the night off from being a parent. And for parents who prioritize their child's safety, they will be ready to respond to their kid's queries as needed throughout the evening.

Choose a chauffeured car service.

When it comes to prom night travel services, not all ground transportation companies are created equal.

For instance, traditional ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft are available but rarely offer on-time guarantees. These services enable just about anyone to become a driver as well, which means your teen may or may not enjoy a first-rate travel experience.

Chauffeured car service is the clear answer.

With a friendly, professionally trained chauffeur, your teen can travel to prom, any post-prom parties and back home in a safe, reliable vehicle.

Meanwhile, a chauffeur ensures you won't have to worry about how your teen will get from Point A to Point B on prom night, as this professional will go above and beyond the call of duty to get your child where he or she needs to go quickly safely and comfortably.

Why should you select ZBest Worldwide for prom night?

At ZBest Worldwide, we recognize the importance of safety for all of our clients. And when it comes to prom night ground transportation, our team guarantees your teen can travel throughout the special evening in a superb chauffeured vehicle.

We offer an extensive fleet of luxury vehicles designed for groups of all sizes, allowing your teen and his or her friends to travel like rock stars. Also, all of our vehicles are of the highest quality, guaranteeing your child can go from destination to destination without delay.

From our highly trained chauffeurs to our dedicated travel specialists, our team includes experienced ground transportation professionals who will work with you to manage all of your requests.

Select ZBest for your teen's prom night travel, and you and your child are sure to appreciate our superior ground transportation services. We're dedicated to helping your child travel in luxury and elegance, and ultimately, will do everything possible to guarantee his or her safety on prom night.

Photo Credit: H. Michael Milley

Posted on Apr 04 2016

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