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Practice Prom Safety with Your Teen

Put Your Trust in ZBest for 2015 Prom

Sending your kid off for their prom can be a little scary. Parents hear horror stories all the time about other kids drinking for the first time on prom or driving erratically when they have friends in the car with them due to the excitement. It’s understandable to be a bit wary of giving your teen the freedom they need and deserve to ensure they have a great prom night. After all, this is a night they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. Make sure they’re able to actually enjoy themselves as well as being as safe as possible by reserving a Baltimore limousine for the night.

ZBest has an incredible fleet that you can choose from with brand new, top of the line stretch limousines. You can choose from the Chrysler 300, Lincoln MKS, Lincoln, MKT, or the Cadillac Escalade stretch limos. Depending on how many kids will be going along for the ride, you could possibly even reserve a Sprinter or Mini-Bus. It would be virtually impossible for them not to enjoy themselves with these immaculate and luxurious vehicles for their prom night.

However, there is more to reserving a limousine with ZBest than just looking good. You will also be able to relax and know that your kids are safe. Let ZBest take a part in your safety practices for your kid’s upcoming prom!

Experienced Drivers

When you trust ZBest to provide the transportation for prom night for your teen, they are guaranteed to be chauffeured around town by some of the most professional, safe, and experienced drivers in Maryland. These aren’t just some random people we’ve selected off the street to drive our top of the line vehicles. Rather, they are rigorously vetted before we require them to become a Maryland Public Service Licensed Chauffeur. When your kids are dropped off at the prop venue, our driver stays on-site until they’re ready to go. You won’t have to worry about them taking off and leaving the kids without a way to get home should they decide to leave early. Our drivers also aren’t easily swayed by the pleading of teenagers, so you won’t have to worry about him buying them alcohol or taking them somewhere that wasn’t already agreed upon by you when reserving the limousine.

Extra Coverage

When you buy insurance for your car, the nicer the car and the more kids you have, the more money you’re likely to spend. The same can be said for ZBest Limousines when we chose the insurance coverage for all of our vehicles. While the Maryland Public Service Commission only requires up to $120,000 for vehicles with a seating capacity of seven passengers or less, $250,000 for vehicles that can seat from eight to 15 passengers, and up to $500,000 for vehicles that can seat 16 or more, ZBest goes way above and beyond that. We provide $5 million in insurance coverage on ALL of our vehicles. In the unfortunate event that an accident may occur that is out of the chauffeur’s control, the insurance we provide should cover almost everything.

Prom night isn’t the time to skimp on the important aspect of transportation. Just because your child may think they’re capable of driving safely to and from the prom doesn’t mean they’ll be able to resist the temptations that may come their way. It’s easy for teens to get distracted by all of their friends having fun around them, by changing the radio station, or taking selfies as they go down the road. When you put them in the capable hands of ZBest for prom night, they can join in on all the fun without having to worry about getting into an accident because they weren’t paying attention. Practice prom safety with your teen and put their safety and your trust in ZBest for their 2015 prom!

Photo Credit: slgckgc

Posted on Apr 07 2015

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