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Planning Your Next Baltimore Business Meeting

This blog was originally published in 2015; we have since updated it to reflect the most accurate information.

Planning a successful business meeting or corporate event is a lot of hard work.

A well-run event leads to positive results and increased productivity. It allows people to build on each other’s ideas and can expand the creativity of the group.

Meetings that are poorly planned or aren’t run efficiently waste the time of participants and your organization. They also leave employees feeling frustrated and overloaded.

Here are our tips for makeing your next meeting a success.

Planning Your Meeting

Actions before the meeting establish the groundwork for the meeting itself. You can do all of the needed follow-up, but without an effective meeting plan to start, your results will disappoint you.

The venue of your event will play a big role in determining the success of your event. Make sure you choose the best location possible to meet the needs of not only your business but also the needs of your featured speakers and guests. For large-scale events, you will want to try to plan your event at least one year in advance of the event.

Smaller sized gatherings can be planned in less time. When planning your business meeting, there are two main aspects that must be focused on to make sure your event is a success. Business dinners and meeting venues are the key to making the most of your business event.

Baltimore Meeting Venues

Picking the perfect location is often the key to a successful event.

In Baltimore, there are a variety of venues to suit your business meeting needs.

Baltimore is host to a stunning array of venues ready to make your event the best it can be. No matter the size of your group, there is an extensive selection of exceptional spaces downtown and in the surrounding areas.

Parties of 200 or less have many intimate options to choose from, to give your event exactly the right feel.

-Museum spaces come with built-in entertainment, which allows guests to browse art, history and nature exhibits while enjoying delicious hors d’oeuvres.

-Meeting rooms at cozy inns and bed & breakfasts lend rustic charm to any event.

Smaller gatherings also have the advantage of being able to take their party to the water, as several charter ships are available to whisk your guests away on a fabulous tour of Baltimore’s harbor.

Larger groups can appreciate a touch of the exotic at venues that are living exhibitions.

The National Aquarium, with hundreds of exhibits featuring more than 16,500 animals, is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, and the space can accommodate up to 2,500 conference-goers.

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore has the capability to hold as many as 6,000 guests. Each guest may choose to stroll the grounds and marvel at hundreds of creatures that call the zoo home. You can even dine with the dinosaurs at the Maryland Science Center with its magnificent harbor view.

Big events require big venues, and with two stadiums, an arena and a convention center, Baltimore has just the space for any large meeting or conference.

Baltimore Business Dinners

When you host a business dinner, remember one crucial point: You’re in charge.

Doing business over dinner is a good way to introduce yourself to clients, build relationships and seal the deal.

Get it right, and its pie. Get it wrong, and you’re dead in the water.

The restaurant you choose for your business dinner is one of the most important aspects of whether or not it's a success. When selecting a restaurant, stick with top-of-the-line joints and avoid the latest hot spot. What you’re looking for is a restaurant that’s relaxed and conducive to good conversation. In Baltimore, there are a variety of restaurants that are perfect to suit your needs.

One of Baltimore's finest eating establishments is Linwood’s. This is a classic club-like setting for power meetings or special occasions, and the New American cuisine never disappoints. .

Another perfect business dinner location is Ten Ten. The menu offers refined American dishes on a ever-changing menu in a high-class rustic atmosphere that's sure to impress.

For a more relaxed but still business focused dinner, visit Rusty Scupper. This waterfront seafood joint attracts Baltimore's power brokers and the clubby atmosphere attracts plenty of business heavyweights.

With so many incredible options, it can be difficult to choose just one. Good thing there's always an endless number of business meetings!

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Posted on Aug 03 2016

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