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Planning the Perfect Baltimore Trolley Tour

Discover Baltimore With Your Trolley Tour

ZBest Worldwide calls Baltimore home, and we love this city. The vibrant culture, the architecture, the history, it all comes together to create our unique and beloved home. Our specialty is helping people experience Baltimore in the best, most comfortable way possible; we offer car service for all manner of events and outings in and around Baltimore.

Another service that we offer to help you experience Baltimore is a trolley tour of the city. Here are a few great reasons to consider planning a Baltimore Trolley Tour with ZBest.

Experience Baltimore with Knowledgeable Guides

ZBest wants you to learn about the city from those who know it best; that’s why we’ve employed some of the most knowledgeable residents to guide you on your tour. We want you to enjoy every sight and sound, with extensive information about buildings’ histories, noted residents of the town and more. With a knowledgeable Baltimore native at the helm, your tour is sure to informative as well as fun. And any time you have a question, you have a go-to Baltimore reference at your disposal!

A Variety of Tours

Our trolley tours also offer a variety of ways to experience the city.

One of the tours, known as the “Past, Present, Future” tour, will take you through the neighborhoods of downtown Baltimore, showcasing the city’s role in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and the story of the Star-Spangled Banner. You’ll learn about the city’s architecture, its important districts and some of its waterfront neighborhoods.

Some of the places that you’ll see on your tour include:

+Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine

+The Baltimore Basilica

+Edgar Allan Poe’s Grave…and more!

Each of these places hold significance in the history of Baltimore and will give you more insight into the history and future of our great city.

Another of ZBest’s tours, the “Murals, Mansions, and Monuments” Tour, will begin on the Charles Street Historic National Byway, and continue into the illustrious and historical neighborhoods of the Inner Harbor.

The Charles Street Byway is a 12-mile stretch of road that contains local and national register historic districts, including the Mount Vernon Place National Historic Landmark District. There’s also a beautiful wooded parkway. Some of the places you’ll see on your tour include the Fire Museum of Maryland and the Hampton National Historic Site.

From the beautiful mansions and sprawling historical buildings to the wealth of local art, you can enjoy Baltimore in a different way, all from the comfort of a temperature-controlled, comfortable trolley.

ZBest’s Expertise

ZBest has plenty of experience providing superior transportation services to our clients; when you book a trolley tour of Baltimore, you can rest assured that your needs will be met and that attention to detail will prevail. From ensuring that your group sees each spot in the city to ensuring that you have the most knowledgeable and personable guide to lead you, ZBest is dedicated to providing clients with the very best.

Other Tidbits

Both of ZBest’s Baltimore Trolley Tours depart from the Baltimore Visitor Center.

The “Past, Present and Future” Tour runs from April 3-May 1, Friday-Sunday, departing at 11 am and 1 pm. From May 1-October 31, tours leave daily at 11 am.

The “Murals, Mansions and Monuments Tour” runs from May 1-October 31 and departs daily at 1 pm. Private and group tours are available, so solidify your group and look into reservations for these great tours.

We hope your upcoming trip to Baltimore is incredible; consider adding an extra afternoon of educational fun by booking your Trolley Tour with ZBest Worldwide.

Posted on Apr 15 2015

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