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How to Multitask While Traveling for Work

How to Multitask While Traveling for Work

If you are one of those people who cannot perform more than one task at the same time, do not worry that is perfectly acceptable. Not everyone is able to combine tasks. On the other hand, if you are, this article is for you. We share some tips on how to multitask and work while you’re traveling for business. We’re sure you appreciate the extra work you can get done while comfortably traveling by plane, by train, or car service.

Read while you travel

The first one is obvious but effective. You can do a lot of reading while traveling. You can either read for work or pleasure, which means you have plenty of options. A few reports from work, a motivational book, a non-fiction book that will help you with your career or even a novel. Yes, it is okay to use your “on the road” time to read for fun, which you probably don’t have the time to do as regularly as you would like to, during the busy work week.

Listen to music while writing a to-do list or a life plan

A nice way to combine business and work. Listen to some relaxing music that allows you to think about the things you need or want to get done. Having everything on paper is also a great way to feel relaxed and organized, which can take a lot of weight and stress off your shoulders.

Work on an online course

There are plenty of websites where you can enroll in one (or several) online courses. You have the option of taking something that will help you with your career and line of work or the opportunity to take a course just because you are interested on a particular subject. Either way, you can definitely do course work while you travel because, most of it, involves reading articles, watching videos or answering quizzes. You can even take notes while listening to a course video or transcription.

Do something artistic while listening to a podcast

Do you like podcasts? There are many and something for everyone. You can choose something work related or a topic of your interest. Are you the artistic type? If you are, you can definitely work with your hands while listening to a podcast. You can draw or doodle, knit or crochet, adult coloring, etc.

Write or blog while you use social media

Are you a writer or a blogger? Traveling is the perfect time to catch up on your writing. You are probably carrying your laptop with you, so it is both convenient and easy. You can also take breaks while writing to answer emails or text messages, to use them to catch up on your social media accounts, or even read some of your favorite blogs or websites.

Set up appointments

Take this time to schedule all kinds of appointments such as doctors, dentists, hair, and lunch with friends, date nights, family affairs, or any others.

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Posted on Jan 16 2018

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