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How to manage your group travel better

How to manage your group travel better

The Washington D.C. and Baltimore areas are a hive of activity year-round for group travel. With countless events being held in the capital and its neighboring city, as well as the obvious year-round attractions, organizing your group travel carefully is a must. 

Here are our top tips for making sure your group travel goes as smoothly as possible.

Pack carefully

If you’re traveling in a group of 20, then it stands to reason that you’ll have 20 times as much luggage as you would have when you’re traveling alone. Make sure you pack lightly to make it less cramped and cumbersome when it comes to your airport transfers and onward travel.

Share responsibilities

When you’re traveling with a group, you don’t want one person organizing every stage of your trip. This will just make it stressful for the person who takes on that responsibility and it is more likely something could get missed. Before you travel, decide who is going to deal with each aspect of your travel arrangements and assign responsibility to each person. For example, maybe you have one member of the group who can deal with booking dinners for each night of your stay, another who makes sure everyone knows where to meet up each morning, and someone else who can coordinate transportation. 

Keep your schedule flexible

Even if you could hit ten museums in one day without breaking a sweat by yourself, chances are your group can’t manage that all together. Remember that moving around as a group will take much more time compared to when you’re on your own. Take this into account and keep your schedule flexible to allow for any unexpected delays, too. Assign key sites or events that are an absolute must-do and make sure you hit all of these, then have a secondary list that you can opt in or out of depending on how your day pans out.

Know where to regroup

Chances are your group will occasionally need to split apart, which is perfectly understandable. Keeping everyone together constantly can be a challenge, and chances are half of your group will be unhappy with the activity the other half wanted to do. Instead, let your group split off in different directions as needed, but make sure everyone has charged cell phones with them and establish regrouping destinations and times, so you can easily link up again.

Take advantage of group discounts

Many attractions offer discounts for groups, so make your money go further by taking advantage of them when you can. Check each attraction before you travel (you may even have to enquire directly) so you can plan your budget accordingly. You will often have to purchase group tickets in advance, but it is well worth it for the cost savings you can get.

Plan in some downtime

Make sure you allow plenty of time for relaxation, too. It can be easy to get carried away with trying to visit as many attractions as possible during your trip, but you’ll just burn out of energy if you keep traveling all day without any let-up. Give your group time each day to simply nap, relax, answer emails, or maybe even hit the pool. You might not be able to do as much, but you’ll get much greater enjoyment from the attractions you do visit. 

Book reliable transportation

When you are traveling with a group, it’s crucial you have dependable ground transportation to get you around town. ZBest’s team of experienced group transportation advisors and professional chauffeurs are here to make sure that happens. We’ll help you get the most out of your trip to Washington D.C. and Baltimore, with luxury vehicles to suit a whole range of group sizes – from Sprinter vans to mini buses to motor coaches, and more.

Posted on Sep 11 2019

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