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How to Boost Your Team’s Productivity at Their Next Convention

How to Boost Your Team’s Productivity at Their Next Convention

Sending your team to a convention can be a great way to build contacts and grow your business further, but what do you need to do to ensure your team has a productive trip? Sending a team to attend a convention can be an expensive commitment, so follow our guide for getting the most out of it and making sure you see the business benefits.


Let them have responsibility

It is crucial to trust your team to do the work they need to do to help grow your business. You can’t micro-manage every aspect of the trip, so you need to learn to trust your staff and make sure they understand that they have responsibility for their own productivity and actions. Giving them this responsibility also gives them accountability – so if anything does go wrong or the results are not quite what you expect, then they are held accountable to their own actions.


Give them the right tools

Before they set off, make sure your team has all the necessary tools they need to make a success of their visit – for example, laptops, dedicated work cell phones, and any necessary remote access to databases or drives they may find useful while they are away. Identifying and arming staff with the right tools in advance will make sure your team’s productivity can stay high and will avoid any unnecessary problems and delays once they get there.


Check-in, but don’t hassle

You should make sure everything is going smoothly, and your team will appreciate you checking in – but don’t spend all day harassing members of staff for information! It will kill their productivity if they are spending most of their time responding to you, and they could easily become frustrated which will lower their motivation even further.


Get convenient accommodation

The chances are that if your staff is traveling out of town for a convention, they will be staying at least a couple of nights away. Make sure you book hotels that are convenient to the convention venue (if possible, book them to stay at the “Official Hotel” of the conference) and allow your team to work and network. That out-of-town motel might look like an incredible deal, but if your team is spending too much time traveling to/from the convention or is not able to take part in organized events going on near the venue then it could be a false economy.


Book reliable transportation

Your team needs a reliable ground transportation solution which will get all the members of your staff wherever they need to be, on time and without any hassle. You need a service you can depend on to deliver each and every time – that’s where our Baltimore limo service comes in.


Our fleet is equipped with reliable, late-model vehicles that range from shuttle buses and vans to SUVs and sedans and can accommodate all your needs and budget. Our advisors will work with you to plan out every aspect of your team’s trip, and our professional chauffeurs will deliver an exceptional service you can count on so that your team can maintain peak levels of productivity without wasted time and energy.


ZBest is the leading provider of customized corporate and convention shuttles. No matter what your needs are – from group size to contract length to budget – ZBest Worldwide will get you there reliably and safely. To arrange for group travel in Baltimore, please give us a call at 800.406.0301, and we will be happy to help you plan the best transportation for your team.

Posted on Apr 11 2018

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