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How to Add an Extra Special Touch to Your Teen's Prom

Prom Perfect Limousines

The age when limos are only reserved for the rich and famous has long been over. These days, limos offer affordable means of transportation for anyone desiring comfort, peace of mind and a grand entrance. Prom is one of the most important events in every teenager’s high school career, falling just behind graduation. With such an exciting event, planning for it can become stressful and overwhelming very quickly and easily. Avoiding stress can be simple, and like everything else in life all depends on planning ahead of time. When it comes to prom transportation, there are a variety of reasons for hiring a limo. While making a grand and memorable entrance in front of friends and classmates is reason enough for most teenagers, parents tend to look at the bigger picture. Limos are affordable, safe and reliable, making them ideal for your teenager’s transportation needs for their upcoming prom.


When it comes to prom, the overall cost can range from $200 to $2,000. Some teens have the resources at their disposal to spend as much for their high school prom as some would for a small wedding. However for most, spending an outrageous amount of money is just out of the question. When it comes to buying or renting a dress/tux, purchasing prom tickets and pictures, getting hair and/or makeup done, and arranging transportation, keeping the final cost in check is easier said than done. Finding a good deal for your dress or tux and having a friend do your hair and makeup is a great way to save a little money. When it comes to transportation, having a group of friends go in together on a limo is a great way to not only save some money, but also ensure that you will have a blast. When it comes to renting a limo or party bus, the more people that go in on the final price, the less it costs per person. Generally speaking, the average cost of renting a limousine is between $200 and $500 for a few hours. When splitting that cost between 10-12 people, you are averaging $20-$50 per person.


All parents worry any time their teen is on the road. When a group of teenagers are riding in the same vehicle, the amount of distraction increases dramatically. However when you hire a limousine for your teen’s prom night transportation, you can ease your mind that they will be safe on the roads. Limousine drivers are required by law to test and receive specialized licenses to operate these vehicles. Car service companies are also required to have specific operating licenses from their state. Most limousine companies also require frequent training, certification and re-certification of their drivers to operate these specialized vehicles. When the lives of their passengers are in the hands of these chauffeurs, safety should be and is their number one priority. Knowing that your teen’s life is in the hands of a knowledgeable and experienced driver will put your worry to rest. By hiring a limo and chauffeur for your teen’s prom night, you no longer have to worry about the distraction caused by a group of friends riding together on such an exciting night.


When you hire a limousine for your teen’s prom night transportation, you do not have to worry about him or her missing out on any aspects of this special night. Limousine companies and their drivers pride themselves on being punctual. Your teenager does not have to worry about leaving early enough to pick up each of their friends from their homes and arriving to their prom on time. Leave that to your limo driver. When you book a limousine for your teen’s prom night activities, all you have to do is focus on getting them ready for such an exciting event. Be sure you discuss the evening’s plans ahead of time with your chauffeur to ensure that the schedule is kept. Doing so will also allow you to get the ideal time slot and avoid any extra fees if you wind up needing the limo for longer than you anticipated.

Having safe, reliable and fun-filled transportation for such an important night in your teenager’s life is simple with the help of a limousine. With ZBest, you are guaranteed all of this and more.

Photo Credit: slgckgc

Posted on Apr 23 2015

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