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Get to Your Wedding on Time and in style: 6 Important Tips

Get to Your Wedding on Time and in style: 6 Important Tips

Getting you, the wedding party, mom & dad and other wedding guests where you need everyone to be and be there on time is not an easy task. ZBest ensures that every aspect of your wedding transportation is delivered on schedule and in style.

The transportation you choose makes an instant statement on your wedding day. Here is how to make sure everyone will enjoy a smooth, fun ride:


  • The first tip we can offer is to arrange group wedding transportation for your guests. Do not opt for several cars. Opt for one limo bus. You can have the stretch limo for yourself. Choose a luxurious bus for all your relatives, friends who are not in the wedding party, and other guests. This will be a cost-effective alternative to multiple vehicles and provides a more festive experience - your guests will surely enjoy the party on wheels. Count on our professional, dependable Baltimore limo service to get your wedding on the move wherever you need to be right in time and with zero hassle. When you choose ZBest for your wedding transportation, you are in good hands.


  • You should ideally consider having the two families, their relatives and invited guests from both sides to share the ride aboard the luxury bus. Your guests will get to know each other and be familiar even before they get to the venue. Your wedding and the reception will be a much livelier place if more guests know one another and are already having fun together.


  • Always take in consideration the possibility that some people or at least one person will be late or will not turn up. You cannot plan wedding transportation for your guests presuming some people would not turn up. You must have enough capacity to accommodate all your guests. However, be prepared to wait for a while. You may even need to make slight detours to pick some people up, especially those who are late or are unfamiliar with the city.


  • You should have one convenient spot where everyone will congregate before setting out for the venue. This is particularly important for out of town guests staying at a hotel.


  • Always consider the possibility of paying or not paying for wait time. You may have a limo bus transport all your guests to the venue and there could be a good four to six hours before the guests need to get back. In some cases, the entire wedding and dinner may take the whole day. Some weddings and receptions require a change of venue, from the ceremony to the reception. You need to assess whether or not you should have the limos and the limo buses waiting. It is better to have our chauffeurs wait as you can never predict when someone may need a ride.


  • Discuss every little detail with our wedding experts as we are putting your wedding transportation plan together. In person planning and comprehensive discussions to personalize the journey will always make your special day more memorable.

Ready to get started? ZBest Worldwide is one of the nation’s best wedding transportation providers. With an exceptional fleet and experienced staff at your disposal, we will exceed your expectations and will ensure that all your wedding transportation needs are covered.

Make the most of your special day! Book your wedding transportation services with ZBest and get the best support possible for the most important day of your life!

Posted on Apr 03 2018

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