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Get Them To The Church on Time - Transportation Planning for your Wedding Party

Get Them To The Church on Time - Transportation Planning for your Wedding Party

When it comes to making arrangements for your special day in Baltimore, you want to ensure that you book safe and reliable wedding transportation. The little glitches are enough to get your big day off to the wrong start, making you feel anxious and irritable. You have enough to worry about before and when the big day arrives. 

Transportation shouldn't have to be one of those problems. That's why it's so essential to book your transportation for several months in advance. This way, you don't have to worry about this detail on the day of your wedding. Here are some tips for booking a fun and smooth ride. 

Book Your Car Way in Advance

Book your wedding transportation six months in advance. But you should book it as soon know the wedding date, the wedding party, and ceremony and reception venues. If you're planning on getting married in April, May, or June, then know that there will be an increased demand in wedding vehicles. This also goes for certain vehicles such as antique cars, which are in shorter supply than limousines and shuttle buses. 

Think Beyond the Limousine

While a limousine works for most weddings, but it's not your ideal vehicle, get creative and choose a ride that matches the theme of your wedding. Whether you want a beach getaway or an exciting way to give your wedding party and guests a ride, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some of those options may include a horse-drawn carriage, a party bus, a Rolls-Royce, or a pair of retro motorcycles. 

Give Your Wedding Party a Ride

Don't forget about your wedding when booking wedding transportation. While your wedding party is responsible for providing their own transportation to the venue on the days leading up to your wedding, provide them transportation on the actual wedding day. If you're not traveling with them, offer a separate vehicle that won't leave them behind. At the end of the night, after you sneak off with your spouse, the wedding party can pile into one shuttle back home or to a nearby hotel 

Don't Leave Your Guests Behind 

You don't want to leave your guests stranded as well. If you're hosting a lot of out of town events, consider offering your guests to and from the wedding venue. No one will have to worry about choosing a designated driver or traveling to an unfamiliar destination. A charter or shuttle bus is ideal for this situation since it can accommodate up to 60 passengers. Or, you can invest in a double-decker bus which can safely transport all of your guests. 

Ask What the Final Price Includes

Before booking your ideal transportation, you need to find what's included in the final price. Whenever a transportation company provides you a quote for the services, get all of the details. Don't forget to ask about fuel surcharges, gratuities, tools, parking, and other related fees. The right transportation company will provide you with a final price that includes no hidden fees or charges. 

Create an Itinerary 

An itinerary can ensure that everyone is on the same page. When booking your reservation for your wedding day, send a copy of the itinerary to your transportation company. This will prevent miscommunication problems or mistakes from happening. If any of your plans change, notify your transportation company as soon as possible to avoid any problems on your big day. 

Designate a Point of Contact 

Unless you have a wedding planner, consider putting someone else in charge of your guest's drop-off and pickup times and locations. You want to choose someone who's not part of your wedding party. This allows the chauffeur to know exactly when and where they should be making pickups and drop-offs. This creates a smooth and pleasant experience for everyone involved. 

Create a Playlist

You and your guests shouldn't have to ride in awkward silence. Everyone is going to be feeling nervous about the wedding. It's time to get everyone in the same mood by choosing some of your favorite songs for the ride to the ceremony, reception, and back home. If you're booking multiple shuttles for your guests and wedding parties, create individual playlists for each of their rides. Or, they can create their own to keep themselves entertained. 

ZBest Worldwide offers the most exceptional wedding transportation services 

Your wedding is the event you have been dreaming about for almost your entire life, and now is the time to transform that dream into a reality. On your big day, ZBest Worldwide will make sure even the smallest detail is handled perfectly. Our luxury vehicles and friendly, professional chauffeurs will transport you and your group to the church, reception, photo session on time, and always in style. 

Our Baltimore limo service will work with your hotel to ensure that your guests have a comfortable and safe ride back. 

Our Washington DC limo service uses professional chauffeurs to shuttle your wedding guests back and forth. This provides your wedding guests with a convenient and safe way to transport between your reception and your chosen hotel. Since most hotels don't come with their own shuttle services, we have the perfect complement for your special day's festivities. We can arrange for guest transportation to and from the reception with one of our sprinters, shuttles, or other large vehicles. 

Our wedding packages include: 

Latest model luxury vehicles 

Professionally-dressed chauffeurs 

Red carpet roll out 

Non-alcoholic champagne 

Crystal glassware 

Bottles water, ice 

Just Married flag 

When you choose ZBest for your wedding transportation, you are in good hands. We are wedding experts. Give us a call today - 1-800-406-0301 to get all the details on your wedding day limousines services. 

Posted on May 28 2019

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