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Fleet Focus: A Motor Coach for Group Transportation

How a Motor Coach can Benefit Your Group Transportation Needs

When it comes to meeting transportation needs for events like a wedding, prom, or anniversary outing, the process is pretty simple. If you’re only expecting two passengers, you and your guest for the evening, a chauffeured sedan or SUV would be more than sufficient. For prom nights and wedding transportation for the bridal party, a stretch limousine or stretch SUV has the ability to accommodate up to 18 passengers depending on your choice of vehicle. However, when you’re in need of transportation services for a much larger group of people, it can seem daunting to meet that need.

You’re in luck with ZBest Limos, though. Not only do we have an extensive fleet that can cover the needs mentioned above, we also have min buses and motor coaches for up to 55 passengers. Here are a few reasons why a motor coach just makes sense when arranging transportation for your large group’s travel plans.

Stick Together

Let’s say you’re planning a corporate outing for a team building exercise or congratulatory retreat for closing a major deal or sale. You don’t want to worry about everyone getting lost along the way or leaving early. When you reserve a motor coach for your upcoming company event, you can have everyone meet in the parking lot at work before loading up on the motor coach. This will ensure your employees arrive and stick together throughout the event.

Family Vacations

While most families don’t require more than a sedan or SUV for their travel transportation needs, there are some families that like to get everyone together for vacation. Some extended families are close enough to enjoy taking trips together, but they need something a bit bigger than a Cadillac SUV or even a Sprinter Van. In those cases, a motor coach has enough room for up to 55 passengers as well as their luggage.

Save Money

If you are required to provide transportation services for a large group of people, your first instinct may be to reserve several vehicles. This can actually add up when you take into consideration the different charges for each vehicle. Save money by reserving one motor coach for everyone. The one charge and one vehicle will help you save money in your budget that could go to something much more fun and enjoyable.

Stay Entertained

On those long trips it can be difficult keeping up conversation with those sitting next to you. Even if they are family or close friends, sometimes you need something else to do. With the motor coaches offered by ZBest come equipped with a CD and DVD Player as well as TVs for everyone to enjoy a movie or music along the way. For the longer trips, having this extra bit of entertainment can ensure everyone’s sanity stays intact.

Fewer Stops

Since our motor coaches also come equipped with lavatory features, you don’t have to make as many stops along the way. When you’re transporting more than 50 people at a time, you would expect to make several bathroom breaks along the way. After all, it’d be rare for everyone to have to use the facilities at the same time. With the on-board lavatory, your passengers can use it as you go without ever making any unnecessary and unscheduled stops. Time is of the essence when making those long over the road trips, so save as many minutes along the way as you can with a motor coach from ZBest.

The next time you have an event on the books that requires you provide transportation for a large group of people, you should consider calling us at ZBest Limo for one of our professionally driven motor coaches. Keep everyone together, save money by reserving just one vehicle rather than several, keep everyone entertained, and sit back to enjoy the ride. When you put your safety in the hands of one of the best chauffeured transportation companies on the East Coast, you will be able to forgo some of the inevitable stress of the travel planning process.


Posted on Aug 26 2015

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