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Celebrating the 4th of July in Baltimore

Celebrating the 4th of July in Baltimore
Independence Day is one of our favorite national holidays. This is when people come together to remember the birth of the American nation. One of the best places to celebrate this glorious holiday is historic Baltimore. Baltimore was founded when the nation was young. Since then, it has continued to be a place for admiration and enjoyment. If you are planning to head to this much-celebrated part of the United States, you'll want to make sure you stay safe. Making use of our Baltimore limo service driven by our professional chauffeurs will help you get here with ease. Choose our Baltimore car service to explore places like the Inner Harbor and Oregon Ridge Park. 

Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine

Fort McHenry is one of the nation's most iconic places. This is where a major battle of the War of 1812 was fought. Francis Scott Key watched the battle unfold and then began composing what would later become the nation's national anthem. It's an easy water taxi ride from many parts of the city. It makes a great place to have a picnic, admire the view, remember how hard the Founding Fathers fought to bring this country into being and appreciate our modern-day success as a country. 

Oregon Ridge Park

Beautiful Oregon Ridge Park offers many miles of hiking trails and paths. Come here to enjoy nature and admire the region's many kinds of flowers and plants. Many areas have lots of shade, so you are well protected from the sun even in the middle of a day of July. This is a great place to return to on the Fourth of July. There's an annual, much beloved holiday concert each year on Independence Day. You'll have the chance to enjoy a live performance. Listen to the sounds of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra from one of the many open areas in the park. 

The Inner Harbor 

This is the heart of Baltimore. As the center of many city attractions including the aquarium, it's one place with lots to do all year long. Independence Day is an especially welcome holiday here with many planned events centering around bringing the holiday spirit to life. The Inner Harbor Amphitheater at the corner of Pratt and Light streets is an easy place to get to from many parts of the city. You can come here to see performances any season. The Fourth of July marks a special time when there's a much-admired concert of patriotic music right here. The Inner Harbor is a great place to settle in and watch fireworks in person. They typically start around 9:30 and last for about half an hour. You'll want to get here a lot earlier for good seating and great views. You can see the fireworks from nearly any spot along the waterfront. Relax and let the music and fireworks wash over you for a memorable celebration full of light and sound. 

USS Constellation

The USS Constellation lies moored in the Inner Harbor. It's an easy stroll from many hotels in the area. This is a terrific place to have an American meal. Barbecue is on the menu along with all the fixings. Sit back with a cold drink in the heat. You can bring the family on board as the sun sets. Come by a little later and you'll have the entire harbor at your feet. The ship is a popular place for a little snack at night and a chance to watch as fireworks fill the night sky right in front of your perch. 

Take a Cruise

Baltimore is all about some of the loveliest parts of America's waterways. One of the best ways to take advantage of the area's many waters is with a cruise from the harbor to points in the areas. Cruises are a popular day trip. They can bring you along the shore here to see the sites from the shore and admire how the city has held up for over two hundred years. Many cruises return to the harbor on the Fourth of July as night begins to fall. This is so passengers have the chance to admire the area's fireworks from aboard the ship. Many offer a nice buffet of varied food choices that are included in the price of the cruise. A cruise is a good choice for your entire family. Kids can sit with you on the deck at night as they enjoy dinner. Take pictures of the family against a backdrop of colorful fireworks. 

The Maryland Zoo and Inner Harbor Aquarium 

Nature lovers can have a great time in this city during July and all summer long. The Maryland Zoo offers lots of special activities geared towards this holiday. Take the time to tour it in person and watch the zoo's many exhibits devoted to regional wildlife conservation efforts. Another much adored city institution is the National Aquarium. It's a world-famous regional institution, attracting visitors from all over the area as well as many parts of the globe. You'll want to devote at least three hours just to scratch the surface of the site. You can get a guided tour that will bring face to face with water creatures and help you understand their lives even better. Bring the entire family for a trip everyone will love. 
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Posted on May 15 2019

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