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5 Challenges for a Business Traveler

Posted on Nov 13 2018

When you travel for business, you want to make your trip as smooth as possible. But sometimes things happen out of our control, no matter how often we travel. Here are some challenges that business travelers face and how you can deal with them.   Your flight is...

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Top 10 Wedding Destinations for Same-Sex Couples

Posted on Oct 16 2018

With same-sex marriage equality now recognized in more countries than ever before, there’s never been a better time for gay couples to organize their dream destination wedding! Whatever you have in mind, there’s something to suit every taste and budget. From romantic beaches, to...

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5 Tips for Planning a Fusion Wedding

Posted on Oct 02 2018

Fusion weddings are becoming more and more common in our multicultural world. In fact, the share of interracial and interethnic marriages in America increased to 17% of all weddings in 2015, compared to 3% in 1967 when the U.S supreme court decriminalized interracial marriage in 1967....

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8 Creative Ideas for Multicultural Weddings

Posted on Sep 11 2018

Your wedding day is all about celebrating your love with your closest friends and family. But if you are a multicultural couple, it can feel like navigating an obstacle course of etiquette, customs, and traditions before you even walk down the aisle. All this can make the planning process...

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Top 10 Tips for Planning Your LGBTQ+ Wedding

Posted on Aug 14 2018

Wherever you are in the planning process for your LGBTQ+ wedding, we’ve got the top 10 tips that will help you focus on what matters most and how you can get around some of the unique situations that you may confront as an LGBTQ+ couple. Happy planning!   Accept that...

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It’s Time to Enjoy the Perfect Wedding Car

Posted on Jul 17 2018

There are plenty of things to plan and prepare for your big day, and one of the details you simply can’t miss out on is your wedding day transportation. Over the years, many cars have entered and exited the wedding market, but the popularity of limousines remain intact until this day,...

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Useful Summer Wedding Transportation Suggestions

Posted on May 22 2018

There aren't many things that are more joyous than summer weddings. Summer weddings are celebrations of love, good friends, warm weather and life in general. If you're going to be attending a wedding during the summer months, you have to make a point to prepare for the event beforehand....

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Get to Your Wedding on Time and in style: 6 Important Tips

Posted on Apr 03 2018

Getting you, the wedding party, mom & dad and other wedding guests where you need everyone to be and be there on time is not an easy task. ZBest ensures that every aspect of your wedding transportation is delivered on schedule and in style. The transportation you choose makes an...

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