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Booking Wedding Transportation: Easy Ways to Get a Great Deal

This blog was originally published in 2015; we have since updated it to reflect the most current and accurate information. 

Are you growing nervous as you watch your wedding budget shrink day by day?

Let's face it – wedding planning can be expensive. And in many cases, brides and grooms may find that their wedding finances are insufficient to host their dream ceremony.

After you book a wedding venue, caterers and entertainment, you'll likely see that your overall budget plummet significantly. For this reason, it's important to be as frugal as possible when you plan your wedding, particularly when it comes to your wedding transportation.

For example, consider the problems you might encounter if you choose a subpar car service. This ground transportation might fail to get you and your guests to the ceremony on schedule, and ultimately, create additional stress on your wedding day.

Comparatively, budget-conscious couples who devote the necessary time and resources to plan their wedding day transportation can avoid such issues.

So what does it take to find exceptional wedding transportation without breaking the bank? Here are five tips you need to know:

Spend your money on the right vehicles.

Ensure that you are only renting the vehicles that you know you will need for your special day. By doing so, you can avoid the dangers – and excessive costs – of overbooking.

You also should look through all of the fleet options that are available to see which vehicles will be suitable for your event.

For instance, if your wedding party is too large to comfortably sit in one limousines, look at other options before you book two limos. In this scenario, a party bus might serve as a viable alternative because it will be able to accommodate a larger wedding party and eliminates the need to spend money on two separate vehicles.

Understand what your quote should look like.

The cost of your wedding transportation is going to depend on the vehicle you choose.

Typically, the price of a limo averages between $50 to $200 per hour, depending on the vehicle type and the quality of your ground transportation provider. And for larger vehicles such as SUVs, you may wind up paying more than you originally expected.

Keep in mind that party buses usually are the most expensive vehicle in any given fleet. As such, these vehicles may fall outside your budget. But remember, there are many cost-effective alternatives such as luxury sedans and vans that may deliver substantial value on your wedding day.

Explore all of the options at your disposal.

Why should you settle for anything but the best, especially when it comes to your wedding day ground transportation provider?

When you're booking transportation for your wedding, you'll definitely want to make sure that you are getting a good deal.

The difference between a good deal and a bad deal could have serious consequences on your budget. To ensure that you are renting your vehicles for a decent price, do some price comparisons online. Make sure that the prices being quoted to you are similar to other businesses in your area and in other regions nationwide.

Also, determine how much money you will be spending relative to how long you will be using a vehicle on your wedding day. Because if you are paying a huge flat fee for a vehicle that you will be using for a short period of time, that may be cause for concern, particularly when it comes to your overall wedding budget.

Know which questions to ask your ground transportation provider.

While you're speaking to various ground transportation providers during your search for the best deal, make sure that you are asking pertinent questions.

Ask whether the cost of your vehicles will be based on an hourly rate or a flat fee and determine which would be more affordable for you. In addition, consider the safety and experience of the drivers employed at a car service and whether or not these drivers are subject to training or tests. Finally, find out if there will be enough vehicles available on the date of your wedding to serve all of your needs.

Check out customer reviews.

What are past clients saying about a ground transportation provider? With online review websites like Yelp and WeddingWire at your disposal, you can read customer testimonials to better understand how a car service has assisted brides and grooms in the past.

Online customer reviews are readily available and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. As such, there is no reason to ignore these reviews, as they can help you make a more informed decision. And as a result, you'll be better equipped to maximize your wedding budget, too.

Now that you know how to be budget-conscious while choosing your wedding transportation, you can start making calls and booking your vehicles right away.

It's always a great idea to book as soon as possible so you can guarantee that there will be vehicles available on your wedding day. Before making a call to book your transportation, you will need to know the date and time you will need the limo as well as the size of your party and the wedding destination. 

When it comes to wedding ground transportation, be sure to check out ZBest Worldwide. We offer comprehensive wedding ground transportation services for parties of all sizes, guaranteeing you and your entire party will be able to travel in comfort, style and safety at all times.

Select ZBest for wedding ground transportation, and you'll be able to take the guesswork out of getting to and from your ceremony.


Posted on Apr 11 2016

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