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Booking a Limo for Your Teen’s Prom

Booking a Limo for Your Teen’s Prom

Tips to Streamline the Process of Booking a Baltimore Limo for Prom Night

There are few major events in a teenager’s life that they look forward to with extreme excitement: getting their driver’s license, their first true love, their first job, and a couple of other “firsts”.

One of the most anticipated events of every high school career, aside from graduation, is the prom. Prom is a magical time that is like a rite of passage for every teenager. The girls dream of their perfect prom dress; the guys are sure to ask their dream girl to prom in the most elaborate way imaginable. While prom is the main attraction, the after-prom activities are just as exciting as the actual dance. After prom is over, it’s time to hit up a fancy restaurant and play some laser tag. In the end, prom night is a night your son or daughter will remember for the rest of their lives.

One of the most important aspects of your teenager’s prom night is how they will get to and from the event. While fun is all that is on their mind, safety is what is on yours as a parent. Some drive their own vehicles or catch a ride with a friend, but others want to go all out and book a limousine to make sure that they make the best impression on their date. While your teenager thinks that booking a limo is for their benefit alone by having the most fun possible, it is also a way for you to ease your mind. Knowing that your teen will be safe with a responsible chauffeur behind the wheel can give you peace of mind, in a way. But there are a few questions you need to ask of your potential car service before you hire a limousine for your son or daughter.

Narrow Down Your Search

Before you can make any decisions concerning which company to use or what type of vehicle to rent,  you have to know when to begin your limousine service adventure. Prom season is in the spring, which coincides with wedding season.

To ensure that the limousine company you end up choosing will be available on your teenager’s prom night, you need to begin your search early. The general rule of thumb is to finalize your limousine booking at least two months in advance. Once it is time to begin the search for your teenager’s prom night limo, you should get referrals to the best car service companies in your area. These referrals can come from coworkers, neighbors or a friend. Some of the best opinions come from those in the prom industry, such as the guy at the tuxedo rental shop or your hairdresser.

Important Questions

Once you have narrowed down your search and have two or three companies in mind, it’s time to make contact with them. The main topics you should introduce include what types of vehicles they have available for your needed timeframe, what the final cost would be for different vehicle options, what type of insurance coverage they have, what type of operating license the company has, and what they require of their drivers to operate the vehicle.

The right company will be forthcoming about all of this information. If the company seems to be withholding information or seems to be unsure of the answers, it may be time to hang up the phone and try a different company. Do not let a significantly lower price point lure you in to a company that may not have the high standards and law-abiding requirements they should. If it seems too good to be true, chances are it is.

Visit the Company

When you feel confident that you have found a limousine company that has the availability your teenager needs, has answered all of your questions to your satisfaction and is within your price range, it is time to visit them in person. Make sure you visit your car service company about a week before your teenager’s prom night to finalize all of the paperwork, pay in full and make sure that you and your teenager, along with any others that will be riding in the limousine that night, are familiar with the company rules regarding the use of their vehicle.

This is also the time in which you should see the vehicle you will be using in person and meet your driver. You will also want to discuss your teenager’s plans for the night with the driver and do a quick run-down of where each pick up and drop off point is located. All that is left to do now is make sure you have plenty of time on your teenager’s prom night to snap a thousand pictures of them and their date.

While hiring a limousine for your teenager’s prom will give them the memory of a lifetime, it will also give you a little bit of room to relax knowing that they are safe on the road. Asking the right questions of your limousine company can make this experience easy as pie.

Top photo credit: Tai Gray

Posted on Mar 23 2015

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