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Best Ways to Spend Labor Day in Baltimore

Best Ways to Spend Labor Day in Baltimore

Are you in Baltimore and you don’t know what to do this Labor Day? If the answer is yes, then there are a variety of things you can do to enjoy this holiday. Here are a few:

  1. Fort McHenry

The popular Francis Scott Key was in a boat as he watched anxiously as the British attacked Fort McHenry from the waters. Key saw glimpses of the US flag flying over the fort as gunpowder burst over it. He was aware that at any time, the British flag might replace it symbolizing the loss of the Fort and Baltimore. But the American flag stood firm, and Key created a poem about the event which would end up becoming the National Anthem.

Take a Fort McHenry Boat Tour where you will be taken across the waters while you take a glimpse of the Fort and share the history of the battle events that inspired the lyrics of the National Anthem.

  1. Fell’s Point Haunted Pub Walk

Labor Day is close to the Halloween holiday. You can welcome the chilling holiday with ghost stories and bar hopping. This tour is worth taking as you will go to numerous pubs across the maritime neighborhood. In these bars, you will listen to the ghost tales that have haunted the streets where the bars are located.

  1. Front Room: Seth Adelsberger

There is a lot of culture in Baltimore especially at The Baltimore Museum of Art in Charm City. You don’t have to pay any money to experience this uplifting cultural experience. You will enjoy the textured and luminescent paintings of Seth Adelsberger, a local artist. These paintings are renowned Border and acrylic Submersion Painting styles which are part of his unique style. The young artist graduated from Towson University with a bachelor’s in Fine Arts. Adelsberger is the founder of Nudashank Gallery and his paintings have been featured across the US. He was awarded the top award for painting by the Maryland States Arts Council in 2008. Whether or not you have the knowledge of fine arts, visiting the exhibit will be an illuminating experience.

  1. Making Music: The Banjo in Baltimore and Beyond

Baltimore was once the epicenter for the rise of music played by one of the most favorite instruments in bluegrass tradition and the country. Find out about the banjo music and the triumph of the banjo in America from The Baltimore Museum Industry.

The museum is providing various live concerts, lectures, and exhibits all centred on banjo.

  1. The Art of Sesame Street: From Pictures to pages

Labor Day is a sad day which marks the end of summer vacation and return to school by children. Before the beginning of school, give your children some joy by taking them to the Sesame Street magical world where they will see their favorite characters. Since Sesame Street has been in existence for four decades, even adults will be taken in the past as they remember their childhood visiting these streets.



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Posted on Aug 28 2018

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