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Best Business Travel Practices for the Frequent Flyer

How to Make the Most Out of Your Business Trips

There’s a great deal of potential for fun when you go traveling, but those who travel for business are usually a bit less on the fun side of things–generally speaking. When you go traveling for business, you might lose hours of sleep, skip meals, and any number of other things to ensure you get the job done. Business travel can be unnecessarily stressful and expensive if you’re not using the right tools to help you plan ahead.  There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to access flight information or find a reasonably priced hotel that meets company travel guidelines. However planning for and going on a business trip can be easier than ever thanks to a few tips and tricks.

1. Packing Tips

For frequent business travelers, living out of a suitcase is simply par for the course. When your life revolves around airport terminals and hotel suites, knowing how to pack can not only save you money but also more importantly save you time. The difference between packing a suitcase that measures as checked luggage versus a suitcase that is considered a carry-on is approximately one weeks’ worth of time waiting. Ensuring that your luggage measures in and fits in a carry-on space prior to your arrival at the airport will save you more time than you could have ever imagined.

One of the best tips when it comes to packing multiple days’ worth of clothing into a small, compact space is simplicity. It is important that you choose clothes that will mix, match and layer to create a variety of different outfits. If you stick with neutral colors and basic styles of clothing, a few pieces could easy last you two weeks and create a huge variety of outfits.

2. Use a Car Service

Frequent business travel is often associated with airports and flying for good reason. More often than not, those who travel for business are either traveling one city over or hundreds of miles away. There is simply no “in-between”. The distance between your starting point and your destination influences the means in which you travel. If you are traveling from one big city to another within the boundaries of your state, then flying probably isn’t a feasible option. When this type of business trip comes up, a car service can be more beneficial than you may have imagined.

When you think of a car service you often think of renting a limousine for a wedding or a charter bus to chauffer a group. However car services provide more than just the standard thoughts associated with them such as those. Hiring a car service to chauffer your next business trip can be less stressful than trips in your past. When you drive yourself, it is easy to get frustrated with traffic or getting lost in a new city. This can cloud your mind to the real reason of your trip, causing problems for you down the line. When you use a car service, you are given the opportunity to sit back, relax, and even catch up on some last minute work prior to your big meeting.

3. Travel Apps

Traveling for business in the modern world is easier than ever before thanks to such major advances in technology. The ability to do things such as book a hotel, translate a foreign language, even access your own personal assistant are at the tips of your fingers. Smartphones give business travelers an infinite number of apps to make every aspect of your trip easier than ever before.

One of the best travel apps on the market today is TripIt. TripIt is the best app to keep your entire travel itinerary in one place. All of your trip information, such as flight schedules, hotel bookings, meeting information, are all easily accessible and also organized into a calendar. The best part is that you can simply forward all the confirmation emails you have to your TripIt account, and the application will sort everything out for you.

For the frequent flyer, GateGuru will be your new favorite companion. It summarizes your flight itinerary into a simple yet beautiful interface. This way you don’t have to sit at your gate in anticipation of a gate change.

Once you have reached your destination city, finding the perfect place to eat, drink, and be merry can be difficult if you don’t know where to turn. Thankfully there is Yelp. Yelp is an online urban guide that helps you find local restaurants, business services and things to do based on your location. Users can rate their experiences, so you’re able to read reviews of a bar or coffee shops before you choose a place to go with colleagues or a client. Yelp can help you find things to do like concerts and events in the area, and shows deals offered by favorite local businesses.

With so many different travel practices, utilizing so many amazing things on your next business trip will make for a positive change. Whether you choose to implement a select few or every one of the above travel tips, making the most of your trip has never been easier.

Photo Credit: Franklie Leon

Posted on Apr 09 2015

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