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Benefits of Booking on the Go with the Mobile App

Take Advantage of the ZBest Worldwide App!

The world today is a fast-paced environment that seems to be centered on technology. We rely on our smart phones, tablets, and computers for just about everything. There seems to be a mobile application, known more commonly as an app, for everything imaginable, making it easier to shop, compare prices, and find what you’re looking for. Whether you are the CEO of a multimillion-dollar company or a mother of two, saying that your life is busy is an understatement. Apps take convenience to the next level and improve the people’s overall lives.

One of the ways that apps have improved the lives of those that are constantly on-the-go is by allowing you to reserve services through your smartphone. The majority of your time is spent traveling and making sure you have reservations for your hotel, car service, or business lunch can be a bit stressful. However, when you are in Baltimore, Maryland and its surrounding areas, ZBest Limousine has put your convenience first when it comes to car service. We understand and appreciate this fact, so creating a mobile app of our own was a no-brainer.

Getting Started

Once you have downloaded the app on your Android or Apple device and it is opened for the first time, you are immediately prompted to log in or create a “New Customer” account. After general information such as your name, mobile phone number, username and password are entered you will register your account. You will be sent an email confirming the registration of your new account. Once you receive this confirmation email, you will be ready to open the app and log in with your newly created account. Now you are ready to check out everything that ZBest has to offer in a mobile app. We have created our app around you, our customer. Everything is focused on ease of use and convenience in all the services we provide.


Our app has tabs for anything you may want or need to do. Tab options include things like “Make A Reservation”, “Get Rates”, “My Trips”, “Preferences”, and “My Receipts”.


With options like this within our app, you can do everything imaginable as you are on a plane, sitting in a meeting, or checking into your hotel. With the “Make A Reservation” option, you can make a new reservation for your car service needs or edit an existing reservation. This is perfect for those who may have had a last minute trip come up and may not have time to take care of all the reservations before you walk out the door. The “Get Rates” tab is perfect for those who may be beginning the search for their upcoming prom or wedding transportation.

“My Trips” is great for those who are loyal repeat customers of ZBest. Say you loved the chauffer two trips ago and would like to request him again, but you cannot remember his name. “My Trips” can assist you by giving you all the information associated with each individual trip you have taken with us.

The “Preferences” tab gives you the option to change and personalize all of your information associated with ZBest. Things like your favorite fleet vehicle and preferred drink can give us insight to the small details we can focus on to make your experience the best possible for you. Another way that “Preferences” is useful to you as well as us is choosing which information you would like the app to notify you of. Flight delays, traffic problems, arrival time of your driver and other notifications can be sent directly to your phone if you so choose.

Lastly, the “My Receipts” tab is ideal for the traveling businessperson. Most companies rely on a reimbursement system for their employee’s travel expenses. But keeping up with all of those little receipts as you are on your trip can be a bit of a hassle. With ZBest, you can ditch that paper receipt and worry about it once you get back to the office. Simply pull up your receipt from the app and print it directly from your phone.

With the ZBest Limousine mobile app, taking care of your car service needs on the go is easier than ever. With the touch of a button you can ensure that you are not left standing on the curb on your next trip.

Posted on Mar 30 2015

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