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8 Creative Ideas for Multicultural Weddings

8 Creative Ideas for Multicultural Weddings

Your wedding day is all about celebrating your love with your closest friends and family. But if you are a multicultural couple, it can feel like navigating an obstacle course of etiquette, customs, and traditions before you even walk down the aisle. All this can make the planning process seem like a stressful ordeal, but it doesn’t have to be!

Incorporating different cultural traditions will create a unique celebration that your guests will always remember. Read on to discover some creative ideas for planning a multicultural wedding that has the ‘wow’ factor!


Mix Up Your Music

If you have different musical heritage within your cultures, then who says you can’t combine them? Use music from your own family’s background to walk down the aisle, and then from your partner’s to walk back out at the end. Maybe nod to a particular musical tradition during your first dance. Then, have a band or DJ playing a different style to get everyone on the dance floor at your evening reception.


Incorporate Different Customs

Mix up your traditions throughout the day. Your guests will love the variety of a celebration that is completely unique to you. Different ceremonial elements, such as the giving away, the ring exchange, and wedding party entrance, can all be easily adapted. Incorporate special customs during the reception, too. This could be a special dance or a symbolic gesture that reflects your family’s heritage.


Change Outfits

One of the best ways to reflect your diverse cultural backgrounds is through your choice of outfit. You could each wear the wedding attire traditional to your partners’ culture, or you could mix and match! Start off in coordinating ensembles for the ceremony, then change for the reception. That way, you’ll be sure to incorporate both styles. And anyway, who doesn’t love an excuse for an outfit change?!


Get Creative with Your Food

Food is another great way to integrate your different backgrounds into your wedding. Serve traditional food from your partner’s culture for the reception, then a different cuisine for an evening snack. Or with the increasing popularity of fusion food, you could mix it all up into one huge multicultural buffet! You could even nod to a particular custom with your wedding cake. This is a great way to incorporate different tastes and flavors into the day. Your cake is also a real centrepiece that is sure to receive plenty of attention from your guests!


Feature Different Languages

If you and your partner speak different native languages, consider featuring both throughout your big day. For example, you can conduct part of your ceremony in different languages to give a nod to each of your cultural heritages. However, be mindful that not everyone will understand what is being spoken, so provide translations in the wedding program to allow them to follow along.


Call on Family for Help

Before you do any major planning, it’s important to discuss your family’s expectations for the day. Get a sense for what traditions or customs they would like to include and what they are OK with not adding. That way, no one will be disappointed when a particular aspect is not incorporated. Ask your families to create decorations or to help you plan a particular part of the celebrations. This is an ideal way to involve older generations, who might have better knowledge of the traditional aspects, too.


Have Two Ceremonies

If you are finding it difficult to combine everything together into one event, then why not do two different ceremonies? You can then be sure that all important cultural traditions are included. This is particularly useful if you come from very different backgrounds which don’t easily mix. That way, you’ll keep both sides of the family happy! You can also choose to do both ceremonies on the same day, so everyone gets to join in with each part of the celebrations. Plus, you’ll save some of your wedding budget by not having to reserve two different venues or the same venue twice.


Let ZBest Help You Plan

At ZBest, we provide a wide range of stylish, reliable vehicles to suit every wedding celebration, no matter what you’re planning. On top of that, our expert wedding planners will help you arrange wedding transportation solutions that are individually tailored to you. By being there for you every step of the way, we help you concentrate on enjoying your big day, without worrying about how you and your guests will get wherever you need to be. Simply leave it to our specialist wedding team and highly trained chauffeurs to provide that extra special touch to your celebrations.

No matter what, just remember this is YOUR day. Your guests are there to celebrate your love and toast to a long, happy life for you and your partner, regardless of your cultural backgrounds. Try not to get too overwhelmed with the planning process, and enjoy incorporating fun, unique touches into a fabulous multicultural celebration!

Posted on Sep 11 2018

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