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7 Tips for Planning a Wedding When You’re from Different Cultures

7 Tips for Planning a Wedding When You’re from Different Cultures

Trying to combine different cultural backgrounds into one big wedding day extravaganza? You may feel a bit stressed about this and don’t know where to start. We totally understand, and we’re here to show you how it can be easily done! Read on for our top tips for planning your perfect wedding celebration, whatever your backgrounds are.


Discuss Your Wish Lists with Each Other

It’s important to be honest about the non-negotiables which absolutely have to be included in your wedding and those you can live without. Make sure you are open with your partner about what’s really essential – and don’t get too greedy! When you’re incorporating two cultural backgrounds into one event, there might be some things that have to fall off the agenda. Make sure you have this conversation early on in the process. If you leave it too late, arrangements may already have been made that you can’t back out of.


Compromise on Location

Think about your ceremony options first. If you are having a religious ceremony, make sure that you both meet the requirements for marriage in a particular venue. After that, you need to decide on a location. Whether you come from opposite sides of the city or across different continents, you need to think carefully about where to hold your celebrations. As a multicultural couple, chances are you will have family traveling from abroad. So, consider the convenience factor. Make it easy for traveling guests by holding your event within easy reach of an airport or in a city center.


Plan Your Budget Wisely

Planning a multicultural wedding can mean a lot of doubling up to make sure you include different traditions and customs. But doubling up can inevitably make your celebrations more expensive. Before you decide you need everything to reflect both your backgrounds, consider your budget. Do a careful cost comparison on every venue on your wishlist. If your budget is tight, you may want to consider a more affordable option. You want your day to reflect you as a couple, but accept that you may need to compromise on certain traditions. You want to be sure you can enjoy your day without completely blowing your budget!


Be Considerate

Planning a multicultural wedding provides great practice for married life – it’s all about compromise! Be considerate of your partner’s traditional customs. He or she will appreciate your understanding! Use wedding planning as an opportunity to take an interest in your partner’s culture and discover more. You could even surprise them on your wedding day with an unexpected nod to their cultural heritage! Read a love poem in a different language, serve a special cuisine during the meal, or invite special entertainers to do a traditional performance at your reception. Compromise and take into account each of your family’s requirements, too. There may be certain customs that are absolutely non-negotiable, so try to be respectful and accepting.


Work Out What YOU Want

Trying to combine various traditions and customs is undoubtedly challenging, but don’t forget what the day is really about. Your wedding day is about celebrating your love for one another, and what makes you tick as a couple. So don’t get too lost in the ‘multicultural’ aspect of your celebrations. Include some unique touches that mean something to you and your partner, regardless of their cultural significance.


Choose Your Vendors Wisely

Select vendors who will be sensitive to your needs as a multicultural couple and who are willing to adapt and plan their services around your unique requirements. At ZBest, we do just that! We know that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to helping couples create their dream weddings. he wTedding specialists at ZBest will help you plan your wedding transportation to fit your own individual needs. With a vast selection of luxury vehicles to choose from, we can accommodate all your wedding transportation needs. You can even leave it to us to take care of your out-of-town guests and adapt to any special cultural traditions you may require.


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Posted on Sep 18 2018

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