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5 Unique Same-Sex Wedding Planning Ideas

5 Unique Same-Sex Wedding Planning Ideas

Are you finding it difficult to get your head around all your wedding planning options? When it comes to same-sex weddings, it can be especially difficult to filter out the constant references to the ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ and simply focus on what you really want as a couple.


To help you along in the exciting (if a little stressful) process, we’ve put together our top 5 tips to help you get on the right track to planning your perfect celebration:


Make your ceremony unique

The ceremony is one area of your same-sex wedding where some of the traditional ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ elements won’t necessarily apply – so see this is an opportunity to put your own spin on things! Do you both want to walk down the aisle? Do you need to be accompanied, or are you happy going solo? Do you really need your officiant to proclaim you ‘husband and husband’, or ‘wife and wife’? If you are having a religious service, there may be certain fundamentals of the ceremony that you will need to follow, but otherwise you should use it as an opportunity to rip up the rulebook and do things exactly how you want them, made personal and true to you as a couple.


Shake up the bachelor/bachelorette celebrations

Celebrating your final night of singledom is an important part of the process, but who says it has to involve separate girls’ and boys’ nights out? This tradition doesn’t make much sense for many same-sex couples, so why not combine the two and host a joint bachelor/bachelorette celebration for the two of you together? Or keep the events separate and invite your closest friends, regardless of whether they are all men, all women, or a mixture of both? This kind of celebration is starting to take off amongst heterosexual couples, too, as many begin to move away from the ‘traditional’ bachelor/bachelorette parties to simply celebrating with all their besties – whoever they might be.


Use a wedding planner, if you can

Although wedding planners can put a serious dent in your wedding budget, having a knowledgeable planner on your side – particularly one who has experience in organizing same-sex wedding celebrations – could offer some serious benefits. They will know the best vendors to approach, will be able to offer suggestions specifically tailored to your unique needs, and support you throughout the process to minimize stress and anxiety. Your planner will also know the importance of using an experienced, reliable transportation provider, such as ZBest, to make sure everything runs smoothly on the day. At ZBest, we take pride in providing you and your guests with a luxury transportation experience throughout your special day, no matter what your situation or requirements, so that your celebrations flow seamlessly.


Pick complimentary outfits

This doesn’t necessarily mean ‘matching’ (although if that’s your wedding vibe, go for it!) However, you should give some careful thought as to how you will look together as a couple on the day. If you want to keep it a surprise and would rather not disclose your plans to each other before the day, ask some trusted friends and family to help you out by dealing with the coordination for you – that way you know it will be taken care of without actually needing to know any of the specifics of your partner’s outfit. The last thing you want is to turn up on the day wearing the same dress or to be kitted-out in suits of clashing colors!


Be inspired

There is so much inspiration available on social media sites, such as Pinterest, to help you with every single aspect of the wedding planning process – from mood boards, to table-scapes, to checklists, to color palette selection. Check out ideas that are specifically tailored to the unique requirements of same-sex couples for any of the more ‘traditional’ elements of the day that you may be struggling to figure out how to handle – but don’t limit yourself! It’s your day and you can be as creative as you want to be, taking inspiration from anything that speaks to you as a couple. Just try not to get too hung up on some of the more ambitious ideas you see on Pinterest – although they often look spectacular on social media posts, you need to ask yourself if all the ideas you see are really achievable from a practical point of view, as well as considering your budget restrictions.


Most importantly – make sure you take a moment every now and then to step back, breathe it all in, and enjoy each and every second of the planning process!

Posted on Aug 21 2018

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