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5 Tips for Planning a More Productive Business Meeting

5 Tips for Planning a More Productive Business Meeting

A business meeting can be stressful, especially for those who fail to plan ahead of time. Fortunately, we’re here to help you minimize the stress of a business meeting and prepare accordingly. To make sure everything goes off without a hitch, here are five tips to make a business meeting more productive.

1. Focus on the Meeting's Purpose

Why are you and your colleagues meeting in the first place? Understand the purpose of your meeting so you can develop an appropriate agenda.

A meeting agenda should feature a brief introduction, discussion topics, and a conclusion that gives attendees a final opportunity to ask questions. The agenda serves as a guide for your meeting and can help you maximize the value of your gathering as well.

2. Invite the Right People

You’ll also want to ensure that you invite the right people to your meeting. Otherwise, you risk wasting your time as well as others’. Identify key decision-makers who understand the main topics to be discussed during the meeting and invite them to the session. Also, be conscious of other people’s time and invite only those who need to be there.

3. Assign Roles

Harvard Business Review points out that assigning roles to meeting participants may help foster focus and engagement. Each attendee should serve a specific purpose: one that enables him or her to provide support throughout the gathering.

Assigning meeting roles is important and may help those who aren’t always eager to speak up provide valuable contributions. Some common roles for meeting attendees include:

The Facilitator: This individual leads the discussion and ensure all sides of the issue are addressed.

The Timekeeper: This person focuses on sticking to the discussion topics at hand and moving the meeting along efficiently.

The Scribe: This person takes notes on key ideas and decisions, and shares them afterward.

The Contributor: This individual adds to the discussion and keeps the meeting moving.

The Expert: This individual has knowledge on certain issues and provides tips and guidance relative to a particular portion of the meeting.

4. Determine the Best Meeting Place

Try to find a distraction-free setting to host a meeting. By doing so, you’ll be better equipped to help all participants remain focused on the meeting’s discussion topics.

An ideal meeting place should provide a quiet, peaceful setting and ample room for all attendees to sit comfortably. You may want to consider whether your meeting place offers access to audio and video equipment to display visuals or enables remote attendees to participate via video conference.

5. Prepare Yourself and Your Attendees

Practice makes perfect, and those who plan to deliver a presentation for an upcoming meeting should plan accordingly. Creating high-quality visuals and reviewing the facts and figures will help you deliver the best presentation possible.

You should also provide attendees with any materials they will need to review at least a few days prior to the meeting, as this will ensure everyone is prepared for the session.

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Posted on Oct 28 2016

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