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5 Tips for Planning a Fusion Wedding

5 Tips for Planning a Fusion Wedding

Fusion weddings are becoming more and more common in our multicultural world. In fact, the share of interracial and interethnic marriages in America increased to 17% of all weddings in 2015, compared to 3% in 1967 when the U.S supreme court decriminalized interracial marriage in 1967. However, fusion weddings can still be a sensitive and uneasy subject to touch upon, especially for the older generations. That being said, if you’re planning a fusion wedding, you must tread carefully during the planning process. Here are a few helpful tips to make your journey to altar as smooth as possible, with some ideas on how to seamlessly and easily incorporate your diverse cultures and religions.

Involve Your Families Early On

If either or both of your families is very traditional, it may be difficult to break the news of your engagement to them. You may not receive the reaction you hope for at first. Given some time, however, they should come around to the idea that you’re deviating from traditions. Get them involved in the wedding planning process early on, and work with them to incorporate meaningful customs to your big day. Be respectful of their wishes, but remember that the final decisions fall on you and your partner. Don’t get pressured into incorporating something you don’t want, but be mindful of acting too defensive as this could cause some unnecessary tension. Jessica and Parth, who had a Hindu and Catholic multicultural wedding had this to say:

We found wedding planning can be stressful especially if family members and friends wanted specific aspects in our wedding. We stayed united and were a team throughout the planning.

Consider Having a Long Engagement

It’s important for every couple to take their time getting everything right for their weddings. But, if you’re having a fusion wedding, you may want to think about an engagement that’s a little lengthier. Take some time to learn more about each other’s customs, and confront any aspects of married life head on. For example, if you are both religious and are planning to have children, what religion will you raise them in? Understanding your partner’s beliefs will better prepare you for a lifetime together and ease or resolve any customary marriage traditions in the future.

Find the Right Officiant(s)

If you’re planning on having a wedding with a major focus on religion, it can be a struggle to find priests that perform services for fusion weddings. Unfortunately, many refuse to do so. If you know any married multicultural couples, ask them who officiated their ceremonies. See if any family members or friends know of any priests who might be open to performing a fusion wedding. You can also refer to wedding forums, like WeddingWire and Weddingbee, for some advice or referrals from other couples.

Creatively Incorporate Elements of Your Cultures

Adding elements of each of your cultures is a great way to showcase you and your partner’s backgrounds. There are tons of creative ways to incorporate or combine aspects of your cultures that uniquely represent you as a couple. One way is for you both to wear different outfits for your ceremony and reception that represent each culture. At Jessica and Parth’s wedding, for example, the couple wore ceremony outfits bought in India, then at the reception, she changed into a white dress and he into a black suit. You can also put together gift bag favors filled with items that portray your backgrounds. Some ideas are saltwater taffy from the Jersey Shore, Japanese folding fans, Columbian coffee beans, Belgian chocolates or English tea. There are a lot of ideas out there, so get inspired and create a wedding that’s totally unique to you!

Work with Vendors Familiar with Fusion Weddings

To help ease the stress of planning your fusion wedding, work with vendors who are experienced in providing services for multicultural weddings. A wedding planner who is familiar with your cultures’ celebrations can help you take some weight off your shoulders. Caterers that offer bespoke packages can help you create a menu that perfectly suits your individuality. In terms wedding transportation, hire a provider that allows you to customize your vehicles and program to fit your specific needs. At ZBest, we work closely with couples to create wedding transportation services personalized to their individual requirements. Need transport for a sangeet or henna? We can make sure everyone gets to the venue and back home or to their hotels safely. On your wedding, we’ll ensure a seamless wedding transportation throughout the entire day. With ZBest, you can trust we’ll get you to the ceremony, photoshoot, reception and your honeymoon on-time, safely and in style.


At the end of the day, your wedding is all about you! Add elements about your cultures that are meaningful to you and that truly symbolize the commitment you two have to one another.


And, if you need help with wedding transportation, contact our friendly and helpful wedding specialists at ZBest!

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Posted on Oct 02 2018

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