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5 Things You Didn’t Know the ZBest Mobile App Could Do

Learn More About the ZBest Mobile App

The convenience of mobile apps can’t be understated in our fast-paced world; you can order a pizza, make reservations at your favorite restaurant, buy a plane ticket or check the status of an impending flight. You can keep track of your schedule more closely and easily, eliminating the struggle of making phone calls, printing out documents or relying on old updates.

ZBest Worldwide in Baltimore understands the need for dynamic and capable technology in the modern traveler’s life; that’s why we created our very own mobile app, to help make your car service experience easier, more reliable and more accessible.

Here are five things you might not have known you could do within the ZBest app.

See the Fleet

ZBest prides itself on offering an outstanding fleet. In our app, not only can you book the car you need, you can surf our fleet for other options as well.

Under the “Make a Reservation” tab on the homepage, you can choose the vehicle you need for your trip, according to each vehicle’s specs.

Maybe you need an extended SUV, a luxury sedan or a sprinter van for your trip; you can find it on the app as you’re making your reservations.

Surf Our Rates

Price comparisons and budgeting are among the most important aspects of travel; when you have a budget to follow, you need to have the right information on hand to orchestrate that budget.

On our app, you can find our rates and cater your reservation to the amount of money you want to spend.

Having this information stored in one convenient place within the app will help save the trouble of calling our reservation specialists to find rates.

Store Your Information

When you’re traveling, you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. You need a quick, accessible way to acquire car service, and you want to utilize a company that you trust.

ZBest’s app allows you to enter your information just once, everything from name to email address to billing specifics; in the future, when you need a vehicle, all you have to do is access your account within the app and make your reservation.

When your information is already entered, the process of booking car service takes only a fraction of the time.

Contact Our Team

In the case that you do need additional information or insight from our team, no need to worry: ZBest has included a handy “Contact Us” tab within the app to give you access to our team of professionals whenever you need it.

Maybe you have a question about billing or pick-up times or changes in flight schedules; ZBest’s reservation specialists are just a click away.

Keep Track of Past Trips

There are multitudes of information you need to keep handy when you’re traveling; ZBest understands the importance of having valuable information right at your fingertips, so we’ve made a tab within our app that tracks your trips, from the car you used to the distance you traveled to where you traveled to. This will help provide transparence when it comes to billing, which vehicles were most efficient, and how long trips between destinations might have taken.

You can also track your receipts with ZBest within the app, helping you keep up with how much your past trips have cost and how often you’ve booked our services.

ZBest’s main concern is providing our customers with personable, trustworthy service, every time. Creating an efficient app that allows our customers to surf fleet, rates, their past trips, receipts and more is an obvious step in our path towards providing the best customer experience possible. We hope that your experience with ZBest’s mobile app makes your next trip easier.


Posted on Jul 06 2015

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