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5 Things You Don’t Want to Forget on Your Wedding Day

5 Things You Don’t Want to Forget on Your Wedding Day

For over a decade, ZBest has been providing exceptional wedding transportation solutions in Baltimore and all surrounding areas. When you choose us for your wedding transportation, you are in good hands! There are thousands of ‘wedding checklists’ available that claim to make your planning process that much easier by outlining all the essential ‘to-do’ items – and when you should be doing them. But what about the things that can get overlooked on the day?

Our Baltimore limo service wedding experts have put together this short guide to make sure your wedding day goes smoothly.

  • Sort out who will be conducting the ceremony

It is the most essential component of your day – after all, you won’t be getting married without a ceremony – but it can be one of the things that brides easily overlook with the distraction of more glamorous items on their to-do lists. While you can usually get someone booked late on if needed, keep in mind that if you have your heart set on being married by your family priest, for example, they may be booked for another wedding which could rule them out or limit the timing options for your day.

  • Have emergency essentials

Make sure one of your bridesmaids has some essentials close-to-hand in case of any mishaps on the day. Great things to include in your ‘bridal emergency kit’ are items such as band aids for any nasty blisters you might get from your beautiful (but painful) new shoes, make-up for touch-ups after the emotion of your ceremony, tissues for wiping away those happy tears, and plenty of bobby pins for quick hairstyle fixes. Oh, and bring a needle and thread so you’ll be able to fix any wedding dress-related drama!

  • Give your guests any special info in advance

Is your ceremony going to be outside in a field, with guests sitting on hay bales? Perhaps your reception will be several thousand feet up in a mountain resort, or maybe you’ll be saying your vows in an historic barn with no air conditioning in the height of summer? When it comes to weddings these days, anything goes – just be sure to let your guests know if they need to bring extra layers or wear flat shoes. That way no one gets any nasty surprises and you can be sure they’ll be able to enjoy your day to the full.

  • Make sure your catering and drinks are sufficient

Nothing will take the shine off your wedding day faster than running out of food and drink for your guests – so make sure you plan this carefully with your caterers who should be able to advise based on your guest numbers. Of course, you need to be mindful of your budget and not go overboard, but if you make sure your guests are well catered for, you can be sure of a day that everyone will remember for the right reasons.

  • Hire reliable transport

You might think you can wait until the last minute to book your transport, but quality wedding services book up fast and you could be left with a company that provides poorly-trained chauffeurs and badly-presented vehicles. To ensure that your day goes without a hitch, our expert Baltimore limo service will get you where you need to be on time and without any fuss, so you can focus on the excitement of your special day, not on the possibility that your transport might not show up!

Posted on Feb 27 2018

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