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5 Free Online Professional Development Courses You Need to Take

5 Free Online Professional Development Courses You Need to Take

If your New Year's resolution is to improve work-related skills, you're in luck. Now, imagine if you could take professional development courses with a minimal time commitment that will give you new skills and improve existing ones without having to pay a ridiculous tuition fee.

These free online courses aim to build your business acumen and boost your chances of landing your dream job. But which courses can teach you the sought-after skills you need to succeed in today's highly competitive global marketplace? Here's a closer look at five online courses.

1. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

How do you typically handle negotiations? This scenario can be challenging, particularly for someone who is inexperienced in the art of negotiation. Thankfully, there’s a course that provides tips and tricks you can use to become an expert negotiator: “Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills.”

This course, offered by the University of Michigan, gives students the skills they need to negotiate on a daily basis. The 7-week course consists of several 5 to 20-minute videos that outline how to plan and execute a successful negotiation strategy.

2. Effective Altruism

How concerned are you about the general welfare of others, i.e. the greater good? In “Effective Altruism,” you can learn about the principles of living an ethical life. This Princeton University course allows students to carefully examine the concept of “altruism” and how it applies to real-world scenarios.

The 9-week course is designed to help students explore ways to put altruism into practice in their daily lives, which could have far-flung effects on those who are looking to become business leaders as well.

3. Psychology of Popularity

How does popularity work? Find out in the “Psychology of Popularity,” a course that explores how popularity affects us in ways we don't realize, from the time we are children, well into adulthood.

This 6-week course, offered by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, empowers students to understand how psychologists examine popularity, along with the concepts associated with it. In addition, the course can help students learn what it takes to become more successful at work and live happier lives.

4. Personal & Family Financial Planning

You don’t need to be a financial expert to enroll in “Personal & Family Financial Planning.” This University of Florida course ensures students can grasp difficult financial concepts and develop prudent spending habits that could help them for years to come.

In this 8-week course, students will learn about a range of personal financial management topics and put together a plan to better manage their own finances.

5. Creative Problem Solving

In the business world, we tend to get wrapped up in our own ideologies and ways of doing things. "Creative Problem Solving" seeks to teach students innovative ways to approach, address, and overcome challenges. The course will help students understand the unique role creativity plays in problem solving and how they can tap into it.

The 6-week course, offered by the University of Minnesota, combines video content, readings, and "differents," in which students are challenged to identify and change their own habitual patterns of behavior.

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Posted on Jan 05 2017

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