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5 Challenges for a Business Traveler

5 Challenges for a Business Traveler

When you travel for business, you want to make your trip as smooth as possible. But sometimes things happen out of our control, no matter how often we travel. Here are some challenges that business travelers face and how you can deal with them.


Your flight is delayed.

The most common thing that can happen to business travelers is that their flight gets delayed. A flight can get delayed due to engine problems or inclement weather. It can turn into a scary situation if you're in an area you're not familiar with and you don't know anyone.

Get acquainted with the airport and its surroundings. Look for the airport lounges so you can focus on your work and get it done. Keep all of your belongings on you at all times to prevent theft. Purchase non-stop flights or early departures to provide you with plenty of alternatives in case this happens.


Your flight is overbooked.

Overbooking is a common practice among most airlines. They want to make sure that their flights are filled to maximum capacity. They tend to overbook flights by selling extra tickets and estimating how many passengers won't show up for their flights.

But if everybody shows up, there are not enough seats to go around. This can cause frustration and anger among passengers. The flight attendant will ask the other passengers to voluntarily give up their seats, but most will refuse, and fights can break out.

To avoid this from happening, check-in and arrive early at the gate. Join a traveler rewards program, get frequent flyer miles, or purchase an allocated seat instead of being assigned one at your gate. This can prevent you from getting into a fight with an irate passenger over a seat.


You lost your passport or boarding pass.

There's nothing more stressful than losing your passport, your boarding pass, or any of your important travel documents. If you lose your passport, file a missing ID report with the police department immediately. Then contact the U.S. Embassy on what steps to take next. If you lose your boarding pass, contact your airline as soon as possible.


Take preventative measures by keeping all of your important documents with you. You don't want them to end up in the wrong hands. Keep all of your important documents such as your driver's license or state I.D., passport, boarding pass, credit card information, phone numbers, and cash. Keep a decoy wallet that has used gift cards or old cards in it to prevent theft.


Your luggage is lost or delayed.

There's nothing more stressful than finding out your luggage is lost or delayed. Contact the airline immediately since it could take a few hours or a few days for it to reach you. Other times, the airline could just lose your luggage. In this case, write out a claim stating everything that was inside.


The most you can receive is up to $3,500 per passenger on domestic flights. International flights may vary depending on compensation, currency, and policy rules. To avoid this problem, fill out your luggage tags with your name, itinerary details, and contact information so the airline knows how to reach you.


Although traveling can be stressful and scary at times, it doesn't have to be.

With these tips in mind, you can create your own backup plan when things go awry. Our Baltimore limo service can make your trip go even more smoothly. Pre-book a professional limo service in Maryland for your next business trip. We have knowledgeable and friendly chauffeurs who take care of you. Our airport services offer consistent, superior quality on which you can depend. Your itinerary is a priority to our knowledgeable staff and chauffeurs.

Posted on Nov 13 2018

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