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5 Benefits of Using a Sprinter Bus for a Business Trip

5 Benefits of Using a Sprinter Bus for a Business Trip

Why You Should Consider Booking a Sprinter Bus for Your Business Trip

Need ground transportation for you and 11 of your colleagues? Book a sprinter bus from ZBest Worldwide -- you'll be happy you did.

ZBest's sprinters are comfortable, luxurious vehicles that are perfect for business trips. Each sprinter features sleek leather interior, tinted windows and a flat-screen TV and DVD player. Plus, ZBest stocks each sprinter with complimentary bottled water, making it easy for executives to stay hydrated while they travel.

Ultimately, a sprinter offers myriad benefits for executive business trips, including:

  1. You can access WiFi on the go.

    As an executive, staying productive is essential, but how can you complete daily tasks without Wi-Fi? If you use a sprinter, you won't have to worry about this problem, as you can take advantage of Wi-Fi to stay on track with your daily assignments, no matter where you're going.

A sprinter provides reliable ground transportation, ensuring you can work seamlessly while you travel from Point A to Point B. And with quick, easy access to Wi-Fi, you'll never have to worry about falling behind on your daily assignments.

  1. You can avoid airports -- and security checkpoints.

    Air travel can be tricky, especially once you reach a security checkpoint. At this checkpoint, you may encounter long lines of travelers who are anxiously waiting to get through the checkpoint and reach their flights. Plus, you'll likely need to take off your shoes, remove your laptop from your luggage and walk through a metal detector before you fly.

However, you can avoid security checkpoints altogether if you book a sprinter. With a sprinter, all you'll need to do is get in, grab a seat and enjoy a comfortable travel experience to your final destination.

  1. You can conduct meetings on the road.

    Why conduct a phone meeting when you can host a face-to-face session? When you travel via sprinter, you can discuss business matters with peers as if you were in a traditional conference room.

Furthermore, you can even conduct international meetings in a sprinter. Because a Wi-Fi connection is readily available, it is simple to set up Skype calls with colleagues from across the globe.

  1. You can save money.

    Nowadays, cutting costs is a top priority for many executives. And with a sprinter, you can significantly reduce your travel expenses.

Consider the cost differences between booking a flight with a major airline versus choosing a sprinter. Flights may cost hundreds of dollars per person, and there are also baggage fees and many other flight expenses. Conversely, a sprinter is available for a set fee and ensures a dozen executives can travel together to a single destination.

  1. You can bond with your team.

    All work and no play can result in a dull travel experience for you and your team. But with a sprinter, your team can bond over the course of your business trip.

Executives can build camaraderie and learn about their peers by taking the time to chat with them. And when you're traveling via sprinter, you'll have plenty of time to talk, share your work experiences and build trust in one another.

ZBest offers exceptional sprinters

When it comes to finding a dependable sprinter for your business trip, choose ZBest, and you can reap the rewards of a world-class ground transportation provider. With executive and luxury car service in over 522 cities worldwide, ZBest has proven it can deliver outstanding support to clients day after day.

The ZBest team specializes in global corporate ground transportation and understands that there's no room for error with business travel. As a result, ZBest strives to exceed its customers' expectations with nothing but the best.

For example, ZBest ensures that its travel specialists and account managers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide high-quality assistance. This ground transportation provider also offers an automated process that you can use to track your order from inception to completion.

Many customers rave about the ZBest experiences, too -- just consider some of the recent ZBest customer reviews published on Yelp:

"We used ZBest Limo for a corporate dinner -- we needed a bus to take a large group of people from our hotel to the restaurant and back again. It was a pleasure working with Gwen, who handled all the arrangements for us. The driver arrived on time to take us to dinner and the bus was fabulous -- very comfortable, clean - a nice ride after a long day of meetings. The driver was friendly and professional and made the experience all the nicer. An email was sent to me ahead of time with the driver's contact information, which is always helpful. I would highly recommend ZBest Limo for any large groups -- thanks to Gwen and Cornell for a great ride!" -- Kathy P., Jackson, New Jersey

"Great customer service. … Use ZBest, they will take great care if you! On time, too!" -- Tom M., Nokesville, Virginia

"Exceptional customer service. Always on time always professional. My company has been using ZBest for the last few years. Without a doubt a number one in transportation." -- Ted S., Baltimore, Maryland

Select ZBest for your next business trip, and you can enjoy first-rate ground transportation. This car service devotes the necessary time and resources to its clientele and will do everything possible to ensure executives will remember their travel experiences for years to come.

Posted on Oct 26 2015

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