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4 Huge Wedding Planning Stressors and How to Combat Them

4 Huge Wedding Planning Stressors and How to Combat Them

Stressed out about your wedding? ZBest Worldwide explores some of the biggest wedding plannings stressors and how to make them less stressful. 

A wedding represents a joyous celebration of the union of two individuals in a loving relationship. However, the process of planning the perfect wedding celebration often challenges soon-to-be brides and grooms. And as a result, this process can be extremely stressful for soon-to-be spouses and their respective families and friends.

Fortunately, there are many ways to minimize stress during the wedding planning process. Here's a closer look at four of the biggest wedding planning stressors, and how soon-to-be brides and grooms can overcome these issues:

  1. Make a budget.

    Money is a major concern for most couples. And when it comes to planning a wedding, the costs associated with a ceremony, photo shoot, reception and other expenses can add up quickly.

Avoid the stress of money with an effective budget. Couples who consider things they must have for the wedding as well as things they want for the wedding can establish priorities. And as the wedding planning process progresses, soon-to-be spouses can make informed choices based on the financial resources that are available.

And remember, a perfect wedding does not necessarily have to be an expensive one. In fact, those who are creative may be able to find innovative ways to save money and enjoy a wonderful wedding simultaneously.

  1. Consider numerous caterers.

    After your wedding ceremony ends, it's important to celebrate your new marriage with family and friends, if you so choose. And those who consider all of the catering options at their disposal can make the best possible (and most cost-effective) decision.

Many caterers are available, and each may offer distinct services to fulfill clients' requests. Before meeting with a catering company, come up with a list of questions.

This list should include questions like:

+What services does the caterer provide?

+How much does the caterer cost?

+Does the caterer have a liquor license?

+Can the caterer provide client references?

+Will the caterer work multiple weddings on the same day?

Finding the right catering company for a wedding is essential, and those who devote the necessary time and resources to do so can avoid the stress associated with booking a caterer.

  1. Narrow your invitation list.

    Making a list of who will be invited to a wedding should be simple; however, this is rarely the case.

You may face pressure to invite distant relatives, co-workers or others. But at the same time, there may be only a limited amount of space at your wedding venue, along with a limited budget to accommodate each potential guest.

If necessary, start with a long list of names that includes who would like to be invited to the wedding. From there, you can narrow your lists to ensure invitations are sent only to those who are most important for the celebration.

Unfortunately, it often can be difficult to invite everyone to a wedding. Conversely, encouraging guests to take photos and videos at the wedding can share the wedding experience with others.

  1. Take care of transportation.

    On a wedding day, it simply is not an option for a bride or groom to arrive late. Fortunately, dependable ground transportation services are available that make it easy for a bride, groom and even an entire wedding party to reach a wedding in comfort, style and safety.

ZBest Worldwide, for instance, takes the guesswork out of ground transportation to and from a wedding.

We offer luxury vehicles and reliable chauffeurs who will go above and beyond the call of duty to provide outstanding support on your wedding day.

With ZBest's wedding packages, travelers can enjoy a number of luxury features, including:

+Latest model vehicles

+Red carpet roll-out

+Bottle of non-alcoholic champagne

+Bottled water and ice

+Crystal glassware

+"Just Married" flag

Furthermore, ZBest has proven it can deliver amazing wedding transportation time and time again – just consider some of the recent customer reviews published on WeddingWire:

"We loved working with ZBest Limo on our wedding day! Our driver arrived right on time and we were impressed by the quality of the limo. We planned many stops for photos in downtown Annapolis, and our driver was flexible, fun and always right around the corner when we needed him. We were so thankful that he was able to navigate the busy downtown area with ease (even during the holiday season!) and know that some of our favorite photos wouldn't have been possible without the support from ZBest. We'll definitely use ZBest again in the future for our transportation needs!" – Kerry

"ZBest is a great company. Through my wedding process, they were nothing but extremely helpful. They were timely, flexible, and very easy to work with." – Laura

"We hired ZBest for bridal party transportation to/from the hotel, church, and reception venue. Dave was prompt, professional, and friendly. He even offered to transport guests back to the hotel while the wedding party was taking pictures at the church. Great service!" – Alexandra and Ben

ZBest offers exemplary ground transportation day after day. We can help make your wedding day everything you've dreamed of.

Posted on Feb 08 2016

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