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4 Essentials of Video Conference Etiquette

4 Essentials of Video Conference Etiquette

Ready to conduct a video conference with your colleagues and superiors? You'll first want to know the ins and outs of video conference etiquette.

That way, you'll be able to host an exceptional virtual meeting without embarrassing yourself or putting your reputation at risk.

So what does it take to succeed during a video conference? Here are four etiquette essentials to help you remain calm, cool and collected throughout a video meeting:

Arrive on time. 

Regardless of whether you're hosting an in-person or virtual meeting, it's unacceptable to arrive late. Therefore, those who intend to participate in a video conference should plan accordingly to ensure they arrive on schedule.

"Being on time takes getting used to, but once you are, you will never go back. It can be the difference between making your quota or losing another deal," Gadi Shamia, former CEO at eCommerce software company Magneto, tells The Next Web.

In addition, test your computer, video camera and microphone before your video meeting. By doing so, you'll be ready to log in and get started on time.

Speak clearly.

You never want to leave room for misinterpretations during a video conference, and those who speak slowly and clearly can ensure their message reaches their target audience consistently.

"Know your material – uncertainty will cause you to mumble. Speak naturally but slowly and pronunciate each word," Inc. magazine recommends.

Also, give participants plenty of time to respond to your presentation. And if there are ever questions or concerns along the way, be prepared to respond to any queries immediately.

Maintain eye contact.

Maintaining eye contact with peers remains paramount throughout any business meeting. Meanwhile, a video conference is no exception, and those who focus on the video camera during the meeting can keep eye contact with their peers and superiors.

It also is important to note that consistent eye contact goes beyond basic business manners. In fact, those who maintain good eye contact may see immediate results.

"Steady eye contact will help you motivate people to complete actions they’ve already agreed to undertake. It can also convince people to become more zealous about your mutual position," AJ Harbinger, founder of social skills training provider The Art of Charm, tells Business Insider.

Don't interrupt others.

No one likes being interrupted in the middle of a presentation, and you should make it a priority to avoid interrupting others as they speak during a video conference.

If necessary, hold your questions until the end of the meeting. Remember, you can write down questions as the session progresses and have all of them addressed at the same time at its conclusion.

Furthermore, be polite if someone accidentally interrupts you. In this scenario, you should pause, allow your colleague or superior to ask his or her question and respond accordingly. This allows you can to move past the interruption quickly and efficiently and reduce the risk that it will interfere with the rest of your presentation.

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Posted on May 02 2016

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