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Hate Flying? Try These 4 Easy Travel Tips

Hate Flying? Try These 4 Easy Travel Tips

The art of travel has drastically changed in the past decade. Airports are like small cities, full of shops that sell anything you could ever want, an array of food and beverage options, salons and spas… and dreadfully long security lines.

Waiting in security often causes unavoidable problems for passengers, but there are a few travel tips and tricks that will not only make your security check go quickly and smoothly, but your entire air travel experience a lot less stressful.

Your Pre-Trip Checklist

Before you start thinking about how to make your time spent at the airport and on the plane less stressful, you have to start at the beginning.

  1. Book the right ticket.

The easiest way to ensure your flight will be a success starts with your ticket. Early morning flights are the first to go out, so you lower your risk of experiencing a delay. That 4 a.m. alarm to get to the airport may not be your favorite part of the trip, but making it to your destination on time and without a hitch makes it so worth it.

Another tip: Download the airline’s app to get your boarding pass right on your phone.

  1. Choose the best seat.

When booking your flight, you usually have the option to select your set. If you’re traveling with members of your family, coworkers or friends, this ensures that you’ll have the opportunity to sit together on the plane.

Research your seat before you purchase your ticket. Websites like SeatGuru and SeatExpert detail the pros and cons of seats on different types of aircraft. You could even spring for an upgrade and get a priority boarding pass.

  1. Pack smart.

Many airlines charge a fee for checked baggage. Fit all of your belongings into an approved carry-on bag and you’ll avoid the unnecessary fees and the lines to check in. You’ll also bypass baggage claim, which always seems to turn into a fiasco.

  1. Consider airport car service.

It seems like parking your vehicle is the most expensive, stressful part of airport travel. Leaving your vehicle in a lot for days on end can be a little disconcerting. Hiring an executive car service in Baltimore to pick you up from your home, drive you to the airport and drop you off will not only save you money on long-term parking, but also give you peace of mind that your vehicle is safe and secure at your home.

Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll want to have a plan in place for departing the airport and arriving at your hotel. Sure, you have the option of renting a vehicle onsite, but your unfamiliarity with the roadways can create unnecessary stress - especially in an area as congested as Baltimore and the D.C. metro area.

Hiring an executive car service is the key to making your trip more enjoyable. Having an experienced driver who’s familiar with the area behind the wheel gives you the opportunity to sit back and enjoy your trip. The worry of traffic patterns, construction, parking and local roadways is put to rest with an executive car service. Your driver will also know the city’s secrets that you may not have otherwise known.

Being prepared can save you time, money and a major headache. Having a plan can make a huge difference.

*Editor's note: this post was originally published in 2014, however has since been updated to reflect the most recent information

Posted on Oct 07 2016

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