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4 Baltimore Business Events You Can't Miss in 2016

4 Baltimore Business Events You Can't Miss in 2016

Baltimore is a great spot for business events and networking; take advantage of these events this year. 

Business professionals rejoice! Many superb business events will take place in the Baltimore area this year, giving business professionals numerous opportunities to learn new skills, network with one another and move closer to achieving their career goals.

Which Baltimore business events should every business professional attend in 2016? Here's a closer look at four of this year's can't-miss events for business professionals in the Charm City:

  1. Social Media Marketing Speaker Series

    Becoming a social media maven can deliver huge returns for any business. And at the "Social Media Marketing Speaker Series" on Jan. 29, business professionals can find out what it takes to optimize their social media content.

This series features four sessions on various social media topics. In addition, social media experts will share their thoughts and views on a number of subjects, including:

+What it takes to develop a breakthrough social media marketing campaign.

+Finding new ways to leverage Facebook to extend a business' global reach.

+Using social media to build a business' brand.

The "Social Media Marketing Speaker Series" offers a great option for Baltimore business professionals who want to learn the ins and outs of social media. And with comprehensive social media tips at a business professional's disposal, this series ensures attendees can discover innovative ways to enhance their social media presence, both now and in the future.

  1. CAA Basketball Biz Mix

    Become a networking all-star at the "Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) Basketball Biz Mix" on March 7.

This event offers a wonderful blend of business and sports, as it enables business professionals to connect with one another while they enjoy the CAA Men's Basketball Championship Game. Plus, attendees can bring clients or peers to this event, ensuring guests will have no trouble networking with one another in a one-of-a-kind setting.

Check out the "CAA Basketball Biz Mix" to enjoy championship basketball and build new business relationships simultaneously. This superb event offers an excellent networking opportunity that business professionals are unlikely to find anywhere else.

  1. Best In Real Estate Inc. Awards

Who are the biggest stars in Baltimore's real estate market? Find out who stands out in a crowded real estate sector at this year's "Best In Real Estate Inc. Awards" on March 10.

The Baltimore Business Journal (BBJ) recognizes the top game-changers in the Charm City's real estate market at this annual event. The awards ceremony honors those who have completed deals and projects designed to revamp the region's future, along with providing myriad networking opportunities for business professionals who are ready to dip their toes into the real estate sector.

An awards ceremony like no other, the "Best In Real Estate Inc. Awards" gives attendees plenty of chances to network and learn about the region's real estate sector. And with a "who's who" among Baltimore real estate professionals likely to attend, the event provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the Baltimore area's real estate segment, too.

  1. BBJ 2016 Spring Business Growth Expo

With more than 600 Baltimore business owners, business professionals and executives expected to attend, the "BBJ 2016 Spring Business Growth Expo" on June 5 serves as a terrific event for those who are ready to take another step toward accomplishing their career aspirations.

The event boasts breakout sessions, product showcases and networking opportunities galore. Furthermore, the expo features a wide range of exhibitors and expert speakers.

A top choice for Baltimore business professionals, the "BBJ 2016 Spring Business Growth Expo" represents a must-attend event in the Charm City area.

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Posted on Feb 01 2016

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