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3 Ways ZBest Can Accommodate Your Large Group

Traveling in large groups with family, colleagues or friends can be a blast, but making travel arrangements for everyone can be very stressful and time consuming.

When you have a large group of people you need to transport, getting everyone from place to place can be a hassle. While one option to get the job done is by using multiple vehicles in a convoy, it's not the most effective nor is it at all convenient.

Transportation for large groups is stressful enough with everyone finding room for themselves and their belongings, without having to figure out who is riding with whom or finding enough parking for all of the vehicles involved. Traveling by public transportation can be very difficult for large groups, while taxis can turn out to be very expensive.

When it comes to transporting more than a couple of people, using a car service with vehicles equipped to accommodate large groups is the easiest way to go.

1. Business Conferences

When it comes to transporting large groups of people, space is the main priority. However, this is not the only concern.

The main factors that dictate your transportation needs are who is traveling, the purpose of your travels, and where you're headed. When you're traveling for a business convention accommodating a group of businessmen and women may not be the only deciding factor when choosing the right vehicle.

Each person will need a seat, and you have to factor in each individual’s luggage as well as “extras” that may be needed for the conference. Having room for items such as presentation boards, boxes of paperwork, and room to hang up suits and dresses is a key detail when choosing transportation for your business convention travel needs.

Our fleet includes vehicles that are able to accommodate not only your large group and their luggage, but any extra materials you may need to take for a convention or business meeting.

2. Shopping Trips

Another way that ZBest can assist your group travel needs is for shopping. Holiday shopping is supposed to be fun, but finding a parking space, walking back and forth to your car with gifts, and trying to remember where you parked your car aren't, especially if you have a large group shopping together.

A church youth group Christmas shopping for their families is a great idea…until you remember that you'll have 15 teenagers in one vehicle bringing back bags upon bags of gifts. Give your kids the ride of their lives and sit back and relax while still fulfilling your plans for the day by using a car service.

Motor coaches can accommodate up to 55 passengers and feature DVD players and TVs to keep everyone entertained during the trip. Motor coaches have plenty of legroom, an onboard restroom to limit the number of stops along the way, and undercarriage storage for all those special gifts. Plus, using a motor coach provides a designated driver.

3. Concerts

When a group of friends travel to a concert to let loose and have some fun, there is always that one friend who has to keep the partying to an absolute minimum to ensure everyone’s safety for the night. Having a designated driver is a must for every party-type outing, but no one wants to be left out of the fun.

When you hire a car service for your next party outing, you will give everyone in your group the opportunity to enjoy themselves while still ensuring everyone’s safety at the end of the night.

Group transportation can be stressful to plan and execute. When you use ZBest Limo, your group will be riding in style together no matter where you're headed.

Posted on Apr 02 2015

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