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10 Airport and Flight Tips and Tricks

10 Airport and Flight Tips and Tricks

Traveling can be exhausting, frustrating, and expensive on the best day. Use these handy tips and tricks to make your future travel smooth and easy!


  1. Choosing the right seat on a flight is critical to your comfort. Do you want to sleep during the flight? Make sure you get a window seat and bring a neck pillow so you can get some rest. Is it a long flight? Maybe choose an aisle seat so you can get up every couple of hours and stretch your legs.


  1. Having transportation lined up at your destination means you can get off that long flight and head right to one of our airport limos or shuttles waiting for you. If you need the best Baltimore airport shuttle service, one of our experienced chauffeurs will be ready and waiting to take you and your guests wherever you need. Similarly, our Baltimore limo service offers a luxurious, safe, and stress-free way to get to your next destination on time and in style.

Our airport services offer consistent, superior quality on which you can depend. With today’s demanding schedules, ZBest Worldwide will ensure that your ground transportation is a satisfying experience no matter where you travel in the world.


  1. Hydration is critical when flying. Steer clear of alcohol and be sure to drink plenty of water before and during your flight. That recycled airplane air can make the most attractive skin look tired and droopy.


  1. Dress for comfort. This can be hard for those who are most concerned with style, but there are many stylish options out there for flying that are more comfortable without wearing sweatpants.


  1. Even though most airlines today provide in-flight entertainment, make sure you have your own books, movies, or music to entertain yourself in case something does not work.


  1. Bring your own headphones. Airlines tend to have pairs handy that they will give out upon request, but they will be uncomfortable and lower quality than if you bring your own.


  1. As discussed above, it is important to have transportation lined up when you land somewhere. Often overlooked, though, is transportation to the airport on the front end. Think through whether you want to leave your own car there, hire our limo or shuttle service for door to door service, or take public transportation - if it is even available. Our comfortable and reliable limo and shuttle service can ease all of your transportation concerns.


  1. Are you traveling with family or friends? Be sure everyone has all itineraries and contact information ahead of time in case you get separated. Try to get seats together ahead of time as well.


  1. Eat lightly when flying. Fast food is full of salt and fat, which can make anyone bloated and uncomfortable when flying and can lead to water retention. Instead, try to find the kiosks or restaurants that sell salads or lighter fares.


  1. Most importantly, have fun! Plan lots of activities to look forward to on your trip, and when following the rest of these tips and tricks, you should have a stress-free, safe, enjoyable vacation. After all, that is the main reason we all want to travel in the first place!

Posted on Jun 19 2018

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